Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My First Blog For Team Mullers: First Britain's got Talent Episode 2012

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I am truly thankful to The Bosses Lisa & Gemma for asking me if I wanted to become a part of the greatest fan group ever; Team Mullers.
Today is my first day, and this is my first blog.
It is all about the first episode of Britain's Got More Talent 2012 which aired on 24th March.
I hope you enjoy reading. And if you don't want a kick up the bum from me, DON'T FORGET to catch Britain's Got More Talent Every Saturday on ITV2!

The moment came... BGMT was BACK! And it was BACK with a BANG!
Stephen welcomed Simon Aka: The King, back by supposedly spending the entire of ITV2's budget on a massive banner which hung in glory on the wall and a little man wearing a 'The King Is Back' T-shirt who repeatability chanted what was written on his t-shirt.

A little more into the episode, He sits down for an interview with David Walliams. David claims he has no clue who Stephen Mulhern is, which is highly amusing as alot of people also claim that.
To add to the giggles, Stephen randomly pulls out of his pocket, 1 tiny Tik Tak without being in a box. Who does that? Stephen does!

Tina McBrian now.. 
Tina was the Peter Andre super fan. In dedication, She sang the famous 'Mysterious Girl'.. Stephen of course, joined in with singing backstage.
I am pretty sure that every true Stephen fan wished he was singing it to them! I know I did!
After the performance, as always, She was interviewed and the viewers got to catch a glimpse of Stephen's dancing. I have always wondered, does he dance like that in night clubs too?

An interview with Geordie lads, Ant and Dec..
 Stephen's aim by the end of this years Britain's Got Talent series is to find (now single) Dec a girlfriend.
It's fine Stephen doing that and everything. But, there's no escaping the fact, Your single too Mullers! .... I know a few people including myself who would be more than happy to change that for you.

Mullers interviewed the man behind the catchy rap song. Chris explained that he had written his rapping song within 15 minutes and said to the judges that he would make up a new rapping song on the way home.
Nice to see alot of time, effort and hard work goes into some of the contesters acts.....
Chris also explained the the whole of his song is based on every day life. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

I have almost reached the end of my first blog now, the only thing which is left to mention is about all the new games and fun bits BGMT 2012 has brought along with it.
Games include: 'Where's Walliams'.. A game in which you have a set time (Intill David's head reaches the buzzer) to spot him on your TV screen.
Another: 'The Interval Pub Games' Featuring Ant & Dec.. Each week you see Ant & Dec play fun games to win points. It's a must watch!
And finally, (It's very funny) 'So So So Scandalous'.. Each week Alesha Dixon tells Stephen her not so scandalous gossip.

Hope You have enjoyed reading my first ever blog for Team Mullers.

Keep spreading the love for Mulhern.

Amanda Ferguson

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