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BGMT part 2 blog Ep 6 enjoy love lou lou

In one weeks time the show goes live bring it on i can not wait.Semi Finals here we come.
Right lets get back to Part 2
David had a chat with Stephen i do love the Interviews Stephen Does with David there always  very slap stick fun love it.
And i just had to add this photo of Stephen :-)

Then comes Truely Madly Deeply they were talking to Stephen and they had to think up a new name for them so Stephen come up with a idea to pick it out of a book the thing was the book he picked was Kama sutra 365 hahahaha
So Stephen flicked the book and they told him when to stop and then one of the boys pointed there finger in the book which they were very lucky the words they picked were ok surprising due to the book stephen picked nice postion stephen said when he saw one of the photos in the book ha ha ha ha
Interval Pub Quiz was beer pong Dec and his Baked Beans say no more you  have gotta love him bless him.
Ant,Dec,and Stephen looked back at all the laughs they had alot of good times.
The Star Track Man Mark well i dont think none of us new what he was going to do and out poped from his mouth me and mrs jones erm yes ok next ???????
Then it couldnt get any better when Stephen and Mark Sung Star Tracking
Oh i did laugh so much .
Well now i must close i hope you have enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2 as much as i have in doing it.
Until next weeks blog for the Semi Final who the lovely Gemma doing it
Bye All Much Love
Lou Lou

Bgt and Bgmt Blog by Lou Lou Ep 6 Part 1

Hello All i have been looking forward to doing my next blog for Team Mullers so here we go.
Firstly we have the itv1 show they did a look back on other shows and ones they have had on.
First up was Graham aka Michael the Organ Player and Singer was a laugh from start to finish,
Simon Told him to stop smiling the cheek of it.Once Graham started singing and playing La Bamba everyone was up on there feet and Ant and Dec were singing and Dancing Backstage it was just brill bless them all.Graham was a great start to the show.There was some great acts on and so young Molly was outstanding and Malaki was fab to so sweet he melted everyones Heart and made people cry it brought a tear to my eye too.
Now the Most Important bit to write about is BGMT yet another Brill,Funny and so Good Show with our Amazing Guy Stephen.
Stephen Starts looking round Amanda's Hotal room and says what a differents between a presenters room to a judges room.So Stephen went hunting round and then found the Kitchen which he said he has hardly got a sink and Amanda has a Kitchen shocked face.
As he goes hunting in the draws he finds something and says always be safe.LOL bless him

Then Stephen sorted out Amanda's Boob's touched her up he gets the best jobs i bet he thinks and stuck Amanda's Dress to her Boob.Only Stephen could get alway with that.
Then Big Dave the strongest man was up next he could hold two motorbikes from pulling away but he couldnt open a packet of pasta sauce.Oh it was funny and Stephen's Laugh just set me off i could'nt stop laughing i love his laugh so much.
                                                  Then Big Dave Carried Stephen
Then we enjoyed watching Stephen feed David with a Cupcake oooooo i say :-)
And now we come to Jonathan who plays the Typewriter but there is no Typewriter yes no Typewriter you read that right it was a one off act but the best part about it was when Stephen started doing it with him had me in stiches of laughter and Stephen got Jonathan dressed up as a Women.
BGMT then looked back at the good times and the fun and laughter but Stephen's best one was Tony Bannet aka Max was outstanding so Stephen Showed as more...........................
He Got out his Big Long Sword Max i am talking about hahahaha
then they talked some more. here is a picture of what i mean :-)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hello all, Amanda here. Back for my second blog.
It's on Britain's Got More Talent Episode 5.

The first episode of the night saw Edward. There was no mistaking this guys name.
The very formal Edward did talk abit. I think he failed to read the part of the application where it said 'You have two minutes on stage'
After the judges heard his utter life history, He ironically started to sing 'When you say nothing at all'
Maybe our Edward should listen to the lyrics he is singing more.

After the break, BGMT was in Cardiff. Stephen explained that he desperately needed a leek.
A member of the BGMT crew solved that problem for him by handing him the vegetable... Ahh, that's better!

This follows on to my favourite part in this weeks BGMT.
Ant and Dec were off waiting for their Nando's to arrive. Meanwhile.. Stephen, being stephen, see's an opportunity to fill in the places of A&D for awhile.
Seeing the acts onto the stage and interviewing them before hand.
He notices that A&D have left their water bottles unattended.
I guess this is his chance to get them two back for being so rude to him!
He removes the tops off the bottles and licks all around the edges, in and out, round and round....
And off he goes, looking rather pleased with himself.
Will refer back to this later.

Next act; A man in a bag.... A bag from pound land at that.
Before he went on stage, He was giving Mulhern a little demonstration of his act. He climbed into the bag and went to zip it up.
The zip broke. How disappointing.
No worries! He brought a spare! .. Thank heavens above!

On stage he explained to the judges how brilliant he thought he could do in this competition.
He once again climbed into the bag and carefully zipped it up.
He started to sing 'Lonely' By Akon in the bag.
Very very funny! There's no-way anyone could watch it and not giggle to themselves.
Simon's face was just hilarious.
Just as you think you've seen it all!
All judges buzzed him off, which was a shame, as i was just getting into it.

In his interview with Stephen backstage, He explained that the reason he didn't go through was because of the song choice. Everything else in  the act was perfect...

Back to Ant, Dec and the water bottle scenario now.
They have returned from their lunch and are back in their place.
Dec reaches for his water bottle and takes a swig.
Immediately, his face drops. He describes to Ant that it tastes cheesy.
Confused Ant wants to see for himself.
He agree's with Dec. It tastes cheesy and like gone off milk.
Which only makes me wonder, What the hell was Stephen eating before!

David is hiding on the ship at sea. It's pretty impossible, But can you find him on the picture below?

After another break, Stephen lets us lucky viewers in on a truly mind blowing fact; "This year we have four judges instead of three"

BGMT love abit of sexy on the show. So they get the Loveable Rouges from Itv1 earlier, to make a song based on BGMT.
Stephen's dancing........... I have nothing more to say!

Final part in this blog and final act on this weeks show.
Ceasar Lazer.
"Driving down the highway, In my super sonic, Volkswagen beetle"
After two times in trying, He realised that the CD wouldn't work, so Simon told him to sing it without the music.
After about 10 seconds, you can learn all the lyrics for yourself.
The audience and judges got to find the song catchy.
Simon miming to the song was hilarious!

Intill next time..

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Britain's Got More Talent ep4 part 1

Saturday the 14th April we saw the fourth episode of BGMT.
To start with we had another accent from Stephen, cockney london.

The acts we saw were,
MC Stallion who was a rapper and got 4 yes's
he rapped about Stephen but forgot his name then called him David. SHOCKING. Fab beatboxing from mullers

Next we had Rob King who had MASSIVE hands. Rob sang 500 miles with some classic Mullers moments behind the curtain. Rob got 3 yes's.

In the Where's Walliams segment David went swimming

Next up we had Colin Mcleod who was a mentalist. Ant and Dec were brought on stage to be his assistants.
Davids book was chosen by David and Colin had PRINTED & BOTTOM on a bit of card and the word REVEALING which Ant and Dec choose as the largest word on his bum.
Colin sailed through with 4 yes's

Next up we had Simon Butterworth who did Adele's Someone like you in the voice of Peter Dickson who does the voice over for many shows including The X factor and BGT. Simon got 3 yes's.
We also got to hear Stephen do his impression of Peter Dickson.

the last 2 acts were Lynn who was the comedian who got 3 yes's and
 The Charms who were the only act not to get through.

Lisa xx

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Big Quiz! Benidorm V The only way is Essex!!

The show we've all been waiting for, well us at Team Mullers have... The big quiz hosted by our favourite fella, Mr Stephen Mulhern, who was looking lovely as always in a grey 3 piece suit and a lovely metalic blue/green tie... I do love his ties ;)

Teams from Benidorm and the Only way is Essex were put head to head in the battle of the shows to see which have most knowledge about their own and the other teams shows.

On the Benidorm team was Jake Canuso (Mateo), Crissy Rock, Janine Duvitski (Jacqueline); Stephen had trouble pronouncing her last name at the filming and Shelley Longworthin (Sam). For Essex, Joey Essex, Lauren Goodger, James 'Arg' Argent and Gemma Collins.

When televised last night, the show was cut short due to football over running, however the full uncut version can be seen on ITV player.

Teams were shown clips from their shows and in different rounds they were asked to guess what happens next in their opposing teams show? Essex have a language of their own and Ruth and Eamonn from This Morning would say what an 'Essex term' meant and Benidorm would have to guess which meaning was correct! Guess which character was in close ups of amusing pictures and had Jacquline said 'Oh yes' more times than Amy Childs had said 'Shut up'??

Essex were also shown clips of Benidorm where Donald was helping Jacqueline answer crosswords, and they'd have to guess the answer Donald gave, here we discover Joey Essex didn't know what a scrotum was, which Stephen then had to explain 'Your scrotum is your sack' Classic!!

Games were also played including ...

-Guest star Nanny Pat from Essex had to help Joey place cast members in order of hotness in 'Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the Reemest of them all' Joey then had to place himself in the lineup! Afterwards when Arg gives a go at guessing the reemest of them all, he is 100% correct.

After this Stephen then cuts to a break saying the Winning team would be taken to a private room where he would vajazzle them all personally, then saying that there wasn't much to play for then... We'd have to disagree with him on that one though!! ;)

-Arg's Cardioke involved Arg having to run on a treadmill whilst singing 'Thats Amoré' by Dean Martin. The audience all joined in singing and swaying their arms, a great atmosphere and the funniest part of the show. Stephen's laugh was so cute.

-An arm wrestle between Gemma and Crissy, girl on girl action as Stephen put it. Who do you think will win?? Crissy was very funny in this, claiming that her arm was about to fall off!!

So all in all, a show not for the faint hearted as it included lots of inuendos which will leave you crying with laughter!!

After seeing the show televised I feel even more lucky and honoured to have been in the audience for such a great programme, even did some crowd spotting ;) Hopefully ITV producers will keep filming these shows, I can't honestly think of a better host for them.

The show will be repeated on ITV1 on Tuesday 17th April at 10:35 PM!! Not to be missed!!


Gemma x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Britain's Got More Talent 2012 Episode 3

Week 3 and auditions come to Cardiff where we find out ...

Awwh poor Stephen... Producers led him to think he was saying 'Welcome to Britain's got More Talent' in Welsh!!

So lets crack on!!

The show started with Stephen Prank calling David Walliams mum! She answers and he tells her he's just found a phone at the auditions and he's not sure who it belongs too, She tells him it must be her sons ie. David's to which Stephen jokes 'What does he look like?' Her response 'Don't be stupid!!' David then tells his mum it's Stephen Mulhern she's speaking too... And she doesn't know who he is... Shocking :O. Stephen promises to get her a picture of himself so that she'll be able to recognise him in future.
Later in the show he brings the picture to David ... Wearing an 'I am Stephen Mulhern!!' badge!!

 The Talent!!

Jenny Jones - Confidence Queen: She really does know how to boost someones confidence. One of them acts that you can't help but smile at. Stephen tells her he's feeling low in confidence, she gives him some 'confidence boosting glasses' and they sing a song. After her audition and having a good old sniff of Simon Cowell, Stephen asks 'how does he (Stephen) smell??' to which she replies 'Sexier' ... She's got it in one there!! ;)

Fox Bronty (a.k.a Ian) - This fella can paint Ant and Dec on his bum... without a mirror :O He refers to himself as a Giraffe. Feeling a little left out Stephen gets Fox to paint a picture of him on a body part, saying 'I've always been told I look a bit like a monkey!' And from this painting of him, there could be a slight resemblance ;)

Professor Boffin- Imagine having him as your science teacher?? There would never be a dull moment!! A scientist trying to get across the message that Science is fun! Every experiment he did just seemed to go wrong :( He was trying to prove two balls of different sizes, the smaller would bounce higher... however the small ball hit HIM in the balls!! Ouch!! Stephens laugh though was soo cute!!

Sacha the Rapper - The start of his audition was amazeballs, but then it started to go downhill afterwards! But Stephen was on hand to do a rap with him afterwards! Rapping about size 10 feet, you know what they say about big feet... Big socks ;)

Matt Rose- An amazing talent!! He is able to throw items (mostly food) up in the air and catch them in his mouth. The best moment had to be when Stephen stood on a chair for Matt to catch some popcorn ... and he ended up with a face full of popcorn! Hilarious!!

Zipprah- A total legend whose took the world by storm! Have you ever been in that situation where you lost your keys and your mobile?? Well this guy knows all about it!! And Stephen joins in with him, doing impressions of Prince Charles and rapping!! Comedy Gold!!

Interval pub games this week was Air Hockey and did you find David in 'Where's Walliams?' ... But where was Alesha Dixon's 'So So Scandalous'??

So thats your lot, until next time!!

Keep tuning into BGMT on Saturday nights, ITV2 after the main show.

Gemma x

Lou Lou's Amazing Pictures, Created In A Collage By Amanda

episode 2 of bgmt

Well I can't believe i am writing my first ever blog for team mullers it is just fab and I want to thank Gemma and Lisa for letting me join there team i am honoured and excited to be part of the mullers team.
Thank You Girls so much.
I am going to enjoy doing this and finding out everything mullers for you.

Here we go then well the second show of BGT AND BGMT on the 31st of March 2012
Which was amazing I am so glad it is back so let's talk about BGMT
Well with the opening titles come a very sexy looking Stephen Mulhern aka James Bond with his pussy cat what a fab way to start the second show.
And it all comes from Blackpool it has a tower so Stephen says.
Then Dec and Stephen met that day in the same Clothes bless them they looked liked twins they both have amazing dress code very nice.
Blackpool had some good ones and some bad ones of course but of course ones that made us all giggle and that what we need and that is defo what we get from BGMT the funny factor and one fab show with a stunning and fab presenter.
We had the truly amazing Ashley who played the Xylophone and was so please he got all yes from the judges.Even getting two red crosses the crowd loved him.
Ryan was another person who was outstanding and wrote that song for his secret lover I wonder if the world will Ever find out who it is ????? I think Ryan will go along way.

Then I Must write about this what Simon said about Stephen needing work done the cheek of it Stephen perfect the way he is and wouldn't change him for the world he looks stunning and gorgeous and has a heart of gold. Don't you all agree ?

Stephen did some lovely interviews with the judges which was fab as always.

So so so scandalous was yet another good one Stephens ace was a picture but iam Lovin that shirt Stephen is wearing in them clips.

The face dancing man that was ill think that is what Stephen had I think he gave it to him.
Loved the faces Stephen made a with him haves done little movie clips of bgmt and also photos which I hope you enjoy and I hope you like my blog iam very nerves writing my first one.

Iam so enjoying this series of bgt and bgmt I think it's the best one to date and I just love the judges.Daivd brings something fresh and new to it and very funny Alesha has great views to and is a ace judge the two newbies

Well now I think my blog has come to a close until next time and thank you for taking time to read it

Much Love
Lou Lou

The New Games And Snap Shots From BGMT Episode 1 2012

Pictures in collages from what I talked about in my last blog.



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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My First Blog For Team Mullers: First Britain's got Talent Episode 2012

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I am truly thankful to The Bosses Lisa & Gemma for asking me if I wanted to become a part of the greatest fan group ever; Team Mullers.
Today is my first day, and this is my first blog.
It is all about the first episode of Britain's Got More Talent 2012 which aired on 24th March.
I hope you enjoy reading. And if you don't want a kick up the bum from me, DON'T FORGET to catch Britain's Got More Talent Every Saturday on ITV2!

The moment came... BGMT was BACK! And it was BACK with a BANG!
Stephen welcomed Simon Aka: The King, back by supposedly spending the entire of ITV2's budget on a massive banner which hung in glory on the wall and a little man wearing a 'The King Is Back' T-shirt who repeatability chanted what was written on his t-shirt.

A little more into the episode, He sits down for an interview with David Walliams. David claims he has no clue who Stephen Mulhern is, which is highly amusing as alot of people also claim that.
To add to the giggles, Stephen randomly pulls out of his pocket, 1 tiny Tik Tak without being in a box. Who does that? Stephen does!

Tina McBrian now.. 
Tina was the Peter Andre super fan. In dedication, She sang the famous 'Mysterious Girl'.. Stephen of course, joined in with singing backstage.
I am pretty sure that every true Stephen fan wished he was singing it to them! I know I did!
After the performance, as always, She was interviewed and the viewers got to catch a glimpse of Stephen's dancing. I have always wondered, does he dance like that in night clubs too?

An interview with Geordie lads, Ant and Dec..
 Stephen's aim by the end of this years Britain's Got Talent series is to find (now single) Dec a girlfriend.
It's fine Stephen doing that and everything. But, there's no escaping the fact, Your single too Mullers! .... I know a few people including myself who would be more than happy to change that for you.

Mullers interviewed the man behind the catchy rap song. Chris explained that he had written his rapping song within 15 minutes and said to the judges that he would make up a new rapping song on the way home.
Nice to see alot of time, effort and hard work goes into some of the contesters acts.....
Chris also explained the the whole of his song is based on every day life. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

I have almost reached the end of my first blog now, the only thing which is left to mention is about all the new games and fun bits BGMT 2012 has brought along with it.
Games include: 'Where's Walliams'.. A game in which you have a set time (Intill David's head reaches the buzzer) to spot him on your TV screen.
Another: 'The Interval Pub Games' Featuring Ant & Dec.. Each week you see Ant & Dec play fun games to win points. It's a must watch!
And finally, (It's very funny) 'So So So Scandalous'.. Each week Alesha Dixon tells Stephen her not so scandalous gossip.

Hope You have enjoyed reading my first ever blog for Team Mullers.

Keep spreading the love for Mulhern.

Amanda Ferguson

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Happy Birthday Stephen!! :)

Today is Stephen's 35th Birthday!! :D

*Breaks into song*
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Stephen
Happy Birthday to youuuu!!
Hiphip hooray, Hiphip hooray, Hiphip hooray!!

 Sending you massive birthday wishes hugs and kisses for your Birthday, you may be another year older but you get better looking every day :) Hope your day is as special as you are!

And here is a Birthday video made by Lou Lou!!

Have a great day <3

Team Mullers HQ
x x