Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bgt and Bgmt Blog by Lou Lou Ep 6 Part 1

Hello All i have been looking forward to doing my next blog for Team Mullers so here we go.
Firstly we have the itv1 show they did a look back on other shows and ones they have had on.
First up was Graham aka Michael the Organ Player and Singer was a laugh from start to finish,
Simon Told him to stop smiling the cheek of it.Once Graham started singing and playing La Bamba everyone was up on there feet and Ant and Dec were singing and Dancing Backstage it was just brill bless them all.Graham was a great start to the show.There was some great acts on and so young Molly was outstanding and Malaki was fab to so sweet he melted everyones Heart and made people cry it brought a tear to my eye too.
Now the Most Important bit to write about is BGMT yet another Brill,Funny and so Good Show with our Amazing Guy Stephen.
Stephen Starts looking round Amanda's Hotal room and says what a differents between a presenters room to a judges room.So Stephen went hunting round and then found the Kitchen which he said he has hardly got a sink and Amanda has a Kitchen shocked face.
As he goes hunting in the draws he finds something and says always be safe.LOL bless him

Then Stephen sorted out Amanda's Boob's touched her up he gets the best jobs i bet he thinks and stuck Amanda's Dress to her Boob.Only Stephen could get alway with that.
Then Big Dave the strongest man was up next he could hold two motorbikes from pulling away but he couldnt open a packet of pasta sauce.Oh it was funny and Stephen's Laugh just set me off i could'nt stop laughing i love his laugh so much.
                                                  Then Big Dave Carried Stephen
Then we enjoyed watching Stephen feed David with a Cupcake oooooo i say :-)
And now we come to Jonathan who plays the Typewriter but there is no Typewriter yes no Typewriter you read that right it was a one off act but the best part about it was when Stephen started doing it with him had me in stiches of laughter and Stephen got Jonathan dressed up as a Women.
BGMT then looked back at the good times and the fun and laughter but Stephen's best one was Tony Bannet aka Max was outstanding so Stephen Showed as more...........................
He Got out his Big Long Sword Max i am talking about hahahaha
then they talked some more. here is a picture of what i mean :-)

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