Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Dick Whittington: Review 2

Lou & Gemma have gave their review of the panto so here is mine..

Over the years, I've not really ever been a panto person, after seeing Dick Whittington I can now come out and say I LOVE Panto.

Michael Pickering was fantastic. His singing voice was fantastic.
Ashleigh & Pudsey were great, very pleasantly surprise with Ashleigh as Alice.
Ben Gambrill was mesmorising and such a joy to watch.
Kimberley Ensor as the fairy was magical
Kayleigh Wilson as Tommy, she was amazing.
Eric Potts is a comedy genius, outstanding Panto and a brilliant role as Sarah.
Lastly Mr Mulhern, well what can i say.. Magical,mesmorising,funny, there are not enough praise,  i hope we will see some stage roles in the future.

Massive well done to all the cast,crew and staff and thank you for an unforgettable weekend.