Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Catchphrase episode 2

Its Sunday night 6:45pm and it can only mean one thing, another great episode of catchphrase.
Hosted by the wonderfully talented Stephen Mulhern this week’s show saw 3 contestants try to battle it out to won the jackpot prize of £250,000.

This week’s contestants were:

Joe a 19yr old from Cambridgeshire, who is studying at Leeds and is a second yr broadcaster student. Last yr he was lucky enough to be selected to collect an award from the prime minster for being a games maker at the London Olympics.
Debbie: a 30 something from Croydon. Mother of 2 children and works part time in a super market on the patisserie counter, and claims that nobody squeezes her doughnuts! And if she won she would buy some new trainers, a new car and take the family to Disneyland Paris.
Ian: who is 35yrs old from Manchester. A father of 2 and works as a centre manager in an assessment centre. Ian is terrified of spiders and once called a taxi company to get rid of a spider for him and paid £20 to do it.
The game starts with a knockout round where one contestant will go home. Ian guessed the first catchphrase which was brain storming and continued to take the lead. Joe was the first to leave the game, unfortunately going home empty handed, but the game went on between Debbie and Ian. Ian took an early lead but Debbie was catching up. Stephen Mulhern had great banter with the contestants and the audience seemed to love it.

In the second round each catchphrase was worth £200 and Ian seemed to be on a role guessing fishing for compliments, also in that round he won a prize of 4 bikes.

The third round had a theme that connected each catchphrase together, this themes was love and romance. Ian yet again got the catchphrase and the start of that round, guessing love rat.

Things started to change in round 4 as Debbie was catching up. Each catchphrase in this round was worth £500 and Debbie guessed the catchphrase cold calling. This round they could also keep buzzing in as they wouldn’t be frozen out.

Debbie took the lead in this round and won the game, so she had the chance of taking on the super catchphrase and had the chance of winning £250,000. Ian left the game walking away with the prize he won earlier and a cash total of £2500.

She sped up the pyramid only struggling on the last catchphrase which was pecking order, and winning herself at the end of the game, £28,800 an annual pass to Drayton manor and a trip to Florida. So well done to Debbie and don’t forget to tune in same time next week to see another 3 battle it out to win that cash prize.

BGMT Series 1

Harlem Shake

Matthew - Humpty Dumpty Rap.


Stephen joins attraction

Scarlett - sings bare neccesities/dancer

Eugene - comedy impressionist.    Mul & Mac
Baz & dave with treve - HE'S BACK.

Stephen is now Arixsandra manager.

David v Golaith

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Stephen on celeb juice

Stephen, Sarah Harding, Holly

Joey & Sam, Sean Walsh & Kelly

Keith - In Romeo and Juliet who was Romeos girlfriend?
Joey - Romeo
Lemon Head
Prop- picture - Wanted/1D twitter fight
Joey Essex doesn't know who Elton John is, doesn't know who Prince is.
Keith - Do you know who Richard & Judy is?
Joey- Are they the ones who created the world. 
VT Round. 
 Lorraine Kelly Sausage jousting challenge. 
Lorraine won.
Cover Story Round.
Steve v Sam.
Roy said ' say what you see' 
Steve says ' see and say it'
Keith - 'What's that'
Mr Nips.
smash you back doors in
Sarah v Kelly

Celebrity auto- biography
Holly won.

Could Stephen take over from Phil on This Morning.
The Buzzer Round. Stephen & Joey had to run into Audience to touch a piece of card.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Booth of Truth-Love it Magazine

In last weeks Love it Mag Stephen was put into the Booth of Truth. Here are his answers

Do you ever have embarrassing moments?

I once performed a magic trick called the Metamorphorsis, live on Blue Peter. My assistant handcuffed me, put me inside a box, lifted up a curtain & was supposed to switch places. with me. But I couldn't get the handcuffs off because I panicked. I only got them off by banging them really hard against the box! Another time, I went to the loo at a friend's house & when I came back, everyone was saying: What's that smell? I'd managed to hook the air freshener off the back of the loo on to my trousers. The Shame!

Have you had any bizzare moments with Simon Cowell?

When I was filming BGMT, I walked into the judges' room & saw a plate of weird-looking carrots, which looked like they had been varnished. Simon had them flown in from Singapore. So I bought some ordinary ones & asked him to do a carrot test. I got him on the couch, made him close his eyes & fed them to him. He could tell which were his, but it was a strange moment.

What's the best prank you've ever played on someone?

Holly Willoughby & I shared a dressing room when we hosted MOM. We often got gunged on the show & I always let her use the shower in our room first. One April fools day, I unscrewed the shower head & filled it with coffee granules. Rachel Stevens had been on the show that day & we'd thrown pies at her, so she needed to freshen up. There wasn't a shower in her room, so Holly offered ours. I realised what I'd done & stopped Rachel from having a coffee shower in time.

What's your guilty pleasure?

A Toby Carvery I always order the king-size turkey dish with all the trimmings. I like watching people try to get as much food as possible on their plates, like filling up their Yorkshire Puddings with potatoes. It's genius!

Who would you hate to share the booth with?

Jedward, as they're so full-on. They were on BGMT & I got death threats from their fans, who said I'd taken the mickey. They said things like " we're going to cut you up." I don't think jedward though because they did the show again the following week.

Catchphrase episode 1

Finally Catchphrase is back and so is Mr Chips

This series sees 3 contestants start

we had

Hazel from Essex who was an extra in calendar girls
James from Devon who had a fulham tattoo on his chest
Sophia who held a world record for kissing for 30 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds

Round 1 we had this catchphrase

Celebrity Juice

James was eliminated after round 1

This Catchphrase 'spill the beans' won Hazel a trip on a hot air balloon.

Hazel made it to the Supercatchphrase but lost out on £50,000 with this catchphrase

Get up & Go

Well done to Stephen for an amazing first show.

Remember to tune in next sunday itv at 6.45.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Happy Birthday messages.


I don’t know where to start to be honest! First of all, Happy Birthday to you!! I’m such a huge fan (I don’t think huge is the right word to describe how much you mean to me but I will use that anyway.) I’ve been a fan from when I was 9 years old and you have been one of my idols since then, I remember watching you presenting MOM and all the shows on CITV back then to recording This Morning most mornings just to watch you present The Hub! I am 18 now and still very much a fan. J I could go on for hours but I’ll just say this, I love you lots and hopefully one day I will meet you which would be a dream come true (I would try to hold back the tears of happiness.) Please can that day happen sometime? Love you always 
Happy Birthday Stephen, Love @Camilla4Dec
Just a fan from Germany wishes you all the best, a wonderful day and for the next year a lot of love happiness and success @AnneKluever
Hope your day is as special as you are. @Malteasersrock
Happy Birthday! Hope its a good one. Love @KELLSBELLS1977
Happy Birthday! 36 is a good one for you its started off awesome already. heres for it to continue. From @Lizzieaholley.
Happy Birthday Trouble! hoping your day is as wonderful as you.
Love ya lots like jelly tots