Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Stephen on celeb juice

Stephen, Sarah Harding, Holly

Joey & Sam, Sean Walsh & Kelly

Keith - In Romeo and Juliet who was Romeos girlfriend?
Joey - Romeo
Lemon Head
Prop- picture - Wanted/1D twitter fight
Joey Essex doesn't know who Elton John is, doesn't know who Prince is.
Keith - Do you know who Richard & Judy is?
Joey- Are they the ones who created the world. 
VT Round. 
 Lorraine Kelly Sausage jousting challenge. 
Lorraine won.
Cover Story Round.
Steve v Sam.
Roy said ' say what you see' 
Steve says ' see and say it'
Keith - 'What's that'
Mr Nips.
smash you back doors in
Sarah v Kelly

Celebrity auto- biography
Holly won.

Could Stephen take over from Phil on This Morning.
The Buzzer Round. Stephen & Joey had to run into Audience to touch a piece of card.

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