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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Butlins Story!!

Last night on ITV1 a programme celebrating the last 75 years of Butlins was on. As you may know, Stephen was a Butlins Redcoat before becoming a TV presenter.

It showed archive footage of Stephen at the age of 17 doing his magic in his redcoat uniform... he looked so cute! But for the show, Butlins redcoats and customers returned to tell their experiences of Butlins. It was a very interesting programme, and Stephen returned to tell us of his experience there too at Butlins Minehead where he worked for 2 years.

He looked gorgeous in his grey suit with green tie... you know the one ;) and spoke of how he loved being on stage and Butlins was where he learnt his craft of being able to entertain an audience, saying it was special to be apart of!!

So when you was younger did your parents ever take you to Butlins?? and did anyone ever see Stephen when he worked there?? Comment or tweet us (@team_mullers)

Gemma x

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cinderella Panto review 2011

After going to see the Cinderella panto at the Marlowe theatre in Canterbury, I can assure you that those still yet to see it are in for a real treat, and would seriously recommend it to anyone who can get there!!

The Cinderella story is put across beautifully by a very talented cast, including John Partridge (Christian from Eastenders) as Prince Charming who will amaze you with his singing, the very funny Ben Roddy as Dandini, Kate Quinnell makes a beautiful Cinderella, Sue Devaney with her rhyming couplets and her 'Prince Charming moments'. Michael J Batchelor and Ian Smith play the ugly sisters, Eugenie and Beatrice and of course Stephen Mulhern who makes the cutest Buttons ever!! ... And i think Fred Bear also deserves a special mention as he plays a very important role...

The highlights

- The dancers in the opening sequence, they're so talented.

- The Market stall scene between Buttons and Dandini will have you doubled up laughing.

- When Prince Charming first sings. Just Amazing!!

- Buttons in a onesie <3

- Cinderella's Horse and Carriage...

- The famous Ghost bench, with the famous 'It's behind you' shoutouts from the crowd and 'Oh well, we'll have to do it again then' and just all audience participation.

- When the ugly sisters try on Cinderella's Glass slipper, too funny!

- Stephens magic tricks and shoutouts!!

- The final song when everyone gets up to dance!!

Theres also lots of references to Eastenders and Britain's got talent in it too that will keep the older audience amused!! So all in all, the perfect panto for all of the family!!

Panto runs until the 22nd January 2012 and Tickets can be purchased HERE

Enjoy!! I Know you'll love it if you do go!!

Gemma x

Friday, 16 December 2011

well done stephen on the big quiz

Well we have just watched our lovely boss Mr Mulhern host The Big Quiz: Corrie v Emmerdale.
Stephen looked amazing in his new suit designed by @suitthecity and I'm sure you will agree they did a fab job.

On the corrie side there was Jack P Shepherd who plays David Platt, Jennie Mcalpine who plays Fiz, Pattie Clare who plays Mary and lastly Malcom Hebden who plays Norris.
On the Emmerdale side there was Danny Miller who plays Aaron, Mark Charnock who plays Marlon, Natalie Anderson who plays Alicia and lastly Meg Johnson who plays Pearl.
Some of the games that were played were Danny and Mark were blindfolded and had to touch the special guest who was Andy Devine who plays Shadrach. Jennie and Malcom had to put rovers return barmaid in the order of who was first and then had to place Samia Smith who plays Maria into when she was barmaid. Another game was between who would cry first between Jack and Natalie, during the game when the lights went down Stephen looked AMAZING. The rest of the games were they were shown clips. The winner was Corrie. The show was fab and Stephen was the perfect choice to host. Fingers crossed they do another big quiz soap special. A massive well done to the Corrie team the Emmerdale team the production and of course  the Host with most the beatuful Stephen for a fantastic show.
Lisa x

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Big Quiz! Corrie V Emmerdale

In our last blog we mentioned about the Corrie V Emmerdale Christmas special quiz hosted by none other than Stephen Mulhern!! This is to be aired on ITV1 at 9PM on the 16th December!!

Being in the Audience, I can assure you that you are in for a real treat, Lots of laughs and Stephen did an Amazing job as host, looked stunning too in his new suit!! 

The two teams are made up of 4 characters from each of the soaps who go head to head answering questions about their year in soapland and playing games to score points for their team!!

So who do you want to be the winners of the head to head battle between Corrie and Emmerdale??

Gemma x

Monday, 28 November 2011

Corrie V Emmerdale

Stephen is going to be hosting a one off quiz show where stars of Corrie and Emmerdale go head to head in a quiz about the soaps events of the year!! The show will be aired sometime over Christmas!

It will be filmed in Manchester on the 5th December and audience tickets can be applied for HERE 

Good luck in being offered some tickets and may see some of you there!! 

Gemma x

Friday, 25 November 2011

Cinderella Trailer!!

Panto rehearsals are well under way now for Stephen playing Buttons in Cinderella, with only one week to go until the first panto performance on the 2nd December!!

But if like us you're too excited to wait any longer then heres a little trailer of what's to be expected in the panto!!

Also CLICK HERE to read a lovely article about the rehearsals!!

Gemma x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mullers gets a new suit ... ;)

Some of you may have noticed, or maybe its just us... That Stephen has taken a liking to his grey suit with a green tie, this one in fact ...

He's worn it a fair few times on TV and throughout the whole of the Britain's got talent tour!! He looks stunning in it, but we were starting to think it was the only suit he has ;) So we got a bit excited when he told us on twitter that he was going for a suit fitting

And here it is ...

Looking lovely Mullers :D

Gemma x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

stephens back in the hub 10.11

Hey all just to let you know the hub hunk is back in the hub on this morning 10.30am on itv/stv please tune in its his last day until february.

lisa x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Febreze Experiment

Febreze are conducting an experiment where a man will be sat in a perspex box for 3 days, then members of the public will be led in after its been sprayed with febreeze to discover how well febreze works!!

The event will take place at the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford London from the 26th- 29th October, and Stephen shall be there delivering the stink challenges to the man in the box and getting the general public involved!! If anyone does go down to see him, send him our love :)


Gemma x

Friday, 21 October 2011

stephen in the hub 20.10.11

The lovely Stephen was in the hub again, it was really odd hearing stephen talking about our other love westlife who have announced they are splitting.
Stephen made us both smile as he wore purple and im sure you all know gemma loves purple especially on stephen,

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mullers Magic set

Stephen has brought out a new magic set!! It's been out about a month or 2 and is available from Argos and all Major toy shops!!

Stephen put together this magic set himself with all his favourite tricks! You can see him demonstrating some of the tricks included in this magic set on his official website HERE

Tricks included are :-

Svengali Cards
Folding 5
2 Card Trick
Card Case
And Many more

Stephen speaks about his magic set in his BLOG on his website, a very interesting read :)

So if your stuck for something to buy those youngsters this Christmas who wish to become Magicians, why not think about getting them Mullers Magic set!!

Gemma x


Friday, 14 October 2011

The Lion King

As some of you may already know, The Lion King is being re-released and for 2 weeks only is being shown again at cinemas in 3D and 2D!!

Why may you ask is this relevant to our blog...

Well... some may have realised by now that the advert on TV for The Lion King, the voiceover on it is none other than our favourite fella Mr Mulhern!! He's also confirmed this on twitter.

I'm trying to find a link with it at the moment, when we do, it shall be posted in this blog, if someone else manages to find the one with Stephen's voiceover, please link it to us here or on our twitter page @team_mullers it would be much apprecieated!!

Gemma x

Thursday, 13 October 2011

the boss is back in the hub

Our gorgeous Stephen was back in the hub this morning looking gorgeous in blue shirt and jeans. Stephen was on top form once again apart from saying royal hair rather than heir. but he was too cute as always. hope you all enjoyed.
lisa x

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Stephen causes twitter madness ...

Quite literally!!

After the first X factor live results show saw each of the judges send off one of their own acts!! Caroline Flack and Olly Murs on the Xtra factor were on hand to get the judges and finalists feelings! When speaking to the controversial Kitty Brucknell, she was booed by the audience!!

Stephen took to his twitter and said #xtrafactor Stop booing Kitty, this is a singing talent show not a slaughter show, give her a break and allow her to do what she does!

Fans then began tweeting him, most saying 'well said', but there were a few abusive tweets in there too, which Stephen totally didn't deserve just for speaking his mind and the truth!!

But he held his own, and rightly so, by arguing back when people said that he takes the mic out of people on the show when he hosted it!! It really gets us annoyed when people think that he's hosted the Xtra factor in the past when he NEVER has done!! So fair play to stephen backfiring at people saying they need to get the facts before tweeting!!

Anyway's, after all this madness, Stephen then became trending topic in the UK!!

If only it was for nicer circumstances!! We are still very proud of Stephen though to have handled it all so well and nice to see him holding his own!! Thing is though, if a person like us had tweeted the exact same thing, I bet we wouldn't have got the same reaction as what he did!!

We love you Mullers!!

Gemma & Lisa x

The Xtra Factor Saturday 8 October 2011

As you all know the lovely Stephen was a guest panelist on tonights show. When Caroline mentioned his name twice at the start of the show he got a cheer both times. Alot of love for Stephen. Stephen looked gorgeous in blue jeans, black boots, black shirt and a gorgeous grey/beige jacket with red stripes. Stephen was the ultimate professional with his notes he had taken during the performances. He was also very funny as he usually is. The following are Stephens opinions on the acts.  On The Risk Stephen Says they were tight and sounded fantastic. On NuVibe
                                                   he says 'what was that?'. On Frankie he said that they shouldn't have changed Frankie's. Stephen said Craig was his favourite. He said James had to go. He said he didn't like Marcus audition but he stormed it tonight. He described Janet as a mixture of Nicola Roberts and young Sonia in looks with Diana Vicker's voice. He also mentioned Jai from BGT saying Sophie is also under the radar. His predictions at the end were Rhythmix to go from the groups and Jonjo to go from the overs. Do you agree with Stephen? I'm sure you will all agree Stephen did a fantastic job as a panelist and was very entertaining. Three cheers for Stephen hip hip horray hip hip horray hip hip horray. And to end this blog in one of Stephens words 'DOOSH'. 
Lisa x

Friday, 7 October 2011

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


This will be the only personal blog as Gemma put in the purple tie blog. During BGT live shows tweeters were given the chance to have a BGT sign done ny their favourite contestant. As you all know Stephen is my favourite from all of BGT so I had tweeted asking for a sign from Stephen. I had watched BGT on ITV1 and was half way through BGMT when I noticed on twitter that the bgt signs were getting posted. Before the last sign was posted I noticed I didn't get one so was really gutted then stephensaul had posted one more bgt sign coming up. I started getting texts and Blackberry messages and tweets from people saying stephen had done a BGT sign for me I was so overwhelmed. I was so happy.


It's all about the purple tie ...

Some of you may already know... I have a major thing about Stephen and purple ties!!

So to explain...

It all started from a dream I had, Stephen was in it and he had a purple hoody on. The following day he asked on twitter whether or not he should wear a tie on his appearance on 'This morning' So i said he should wear a purple tie... He didn't, but ever since it has kind of stuck!!

So everytime i see him wear something purple i get a bit over excited now!! But the best was when he finally wore a purple tie on the first live show of Britain's Got More Talent 2011, after promising that he would on twitter!! It seriously made my life <3

Truly a man of his word!!

Gemma x

Thursday, 29 September 2011

tv times awards

our gorgeous stephen has been nominated for best digital show with bgmt please vote for him please vote for him.


Our Hub hunk returns!!

The moment we've all been waiting for ... Stephen was back in the hub this morning, looking as gorgeous as ever :) And wearing purple :O

I Had a sleepy head moment to begin with thinking it was a Maroonish shirt he was wearing, until I took this picture (I have a thing about Stephen in purple)

Stephen was on top form in the hub as always, reading out tweets and facebook comments from viewers!! And he had a little giggley moment when Phil said he had a picture for him, which was of Holly and Phil but made out of things you would eat for Breakfast!! Amayzing!!

Hopefully we'll see him again next Thursday!!
What a great start to the day!!

Gemma x

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Stephen in the Hub

Our favourite man spent a lot of his time in the 'This Morning' hub this summer!! He was on air every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout August. He was such a success in there that according to the This Morning website Stephen is set to return to the hub every Thursday!!

Since the article was published, Stephen hasn't yet appeared in the hub on a Thursday, he's Probably having a well deserved holiday after a very busy summer of filming for various different things!! We are keeping our eyes and ears peeled for when he does return to the hub and we shall let you all know!!

We look forward to seeing our Hub hunk return!!

Gemma x

Sunday, 25 September 2011

stars in a spin pilot

On the 31st of August 2011 at Granada studios in Manchester. Stephen fans were queing up to see a brand new gameshow hosted by the man himself. This was the pilot, there was fans who travelled from Liverpool, Glasgow, Wales, Carlisle and many more. The warm-up to this show was Ray Turner. The show was very good. I dont want to give anything away. Stephen was fantastic and Ray was very funny he is one of the best warm-ups I have ever seen. Fingers crossed the show gets to TV and they make a series out of it.


Bgt 2012

Hi all,

You may not know but BGT will be returning to our screens next year, the auditons will take place in October infront of the production team and they will decide who gets through to the auditions early next year to apply just go to If you would rather be in the audience just go to and place yourself on the reserve list. Stroll down to Britains got talent auditions 2012 and hit the coming soon button and you will be on the reserve list.

Ant and Dec will be back doing Bgt and our lovely Stephen will be back on Bgmt, we wonder who the judges will be. Lets hope its a good choice.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Cinderella 2011 - He's behind you ...

Well he isn't really!! ...

It's that time of year again... Panto season!!
Stephen is no stranger to panto! In the past he's done Mother Goose in Croydon and appeared in Aladdin and Snow white, both in Canterbury!! Last year he played Aladdin, again, in Nottingham which had a 3D genie!! It was pretty amayzing!! Lots of laughs and Stephen sings!!

And this year, he is set to return to Canterbury playing the role of Buttons at the Marlowe Theatre's production of Cinderella!!

The panto will be running from the 2nd of December until the 22nd January and you can purchase your tickets HERE 

It will be a good day or evening out for all of the family, and Team mullers shall be there, so we may see some of you there too??!

And a bit of useless info for you, when booking your tickets, Row C will be the front row, not row A in which I thought it would be!!

Hope to see you there

Gemma x

Thursday, 22 September 2011



Team Mullers is a fan group for the Legend that is Stephen Mulhern, created by myself, Gemma and my friend Lisa who are both massive fans of Stephen!!

So we have decided to create a Team Mullers blog!!

We are gonna do our best to keep you all updated on what Stephen is doing, and when he'll be on TV. We'll also be writing about our Team Mullers adventures too where we meet up and try to see Stephen at the different things he does, ie. Tv shows and panto's!!

 If you are on twitter you can follow us @team_mullers and we are also on facebook!/profile.php?id=100002782476550

Hope you enjoy reading our ramblings!! We look forward to hearing from more Stephen fans!!

Lotsa love

Gemma & Lisa

x x