Sunday, 9 October 2011

Stephen causes twitter madness ...

Quite literally!!

After the first X factor live results show saw each of the judges send off one of their own acts!! Caroline Flack and Olly Murs on the Xtra factor were on hand to get the judges and finalists feelings! When speaking to the controversial Kitty Brucknell, she was booed by the audience!!

Stephen took to his twitter and said #xtrafactor Stop booing Kitty, this is a singing talent show not a slaughter show, give her a break and allow her to do what she does!

Fans then began tweeting him, most saying 'well said', but there were a few abusive tweets in there too, which Stephen totally didn't deserve just for speaking his mind and the truth!!

But he held his own, and rightly so, by arguing back when people said that he takes the mic out of people on the show when he hosted it!! It really gets us annoyed when people think that he's hosted the Xtra factor in the past when he NEVER has done!! So fair play to stephen backfiring at people saying they need to get the facts before tweeting!!

Anyway's, after all this madness, Stephen then became trending topic in the UK!!

If only it was for nicer circumstances!! We are still very proud of Stephen though to have handled it all so well and nice to see him holding his own!! Thing is though, if a person like us had tweeted the exact same thing, I bet we wouldn't have got the same reaction as what he did!!

We love you Mullers!!

Gemma & Lisa x

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