Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dick Whittington- New Victoria Theatre Woking 2012

It's that time of year again!! Panto time and here we go with a superblog from Gemma and Lou Lou!!

Keep Your wigs on!!

A Team Mullers Christmas Party!! Lovely to see you all!!
     This year Stephen Mulhern is starring as Idle Jack in Dick Whittington at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking. He makes a fantastic Idle Jack with lots of magic, comedy moments, ball juggling and audience interaction. The perfect ingredient for any panto. Ashleigh Butler plays Alice Fitzwarren who surprises us all with her singing as we didn't get to hear her sing in Britains got Talent, Pudsey brings the fun of dancing dog to the show, an extra bit to panto fun. The title role of Dick Whittington is played by West End star Michael Pickering, a bit smaller than expected, but plays the perfect role alongside his adorable pet cat Tommy, played by Kayleigh Wilson, who rids the town of Rats. Writer and Director Eric Potts who has once again written a fantastic panto production stars as our panto dame, Sarah the Cook, adding extra laughs for everyones enjoyment and teams up well with Stephen in a spectacular cooking scene which will have you falling off your seats. Captain Titchworth brings a good bit to the panto with his fun scenes and his mop act with Jack and the gang he also shows us his moves on the dance floor. And what panto is complete without the theme of Good Vs Evil and rhyming couplets which comes in the form of Fairy Bowbells (Kimberley Ensor) and King Rat (Dave Lynn). Also keep an eye out for the lovable Terry the turtle, such a cutie and he is the star of a 3D film which you will all enjoy and hear the kids squealing with delight as they try to grab the 3D images, and Terry has the best table manners of any turtle we've ever seen!!

    An amazing choice of songs are included in the show. Chart toppers and toe tapping panto classics which by the end had everyone up on their feet and singing along. In act 2 Stephen splits the audience into two teams to see which side can win the battle of the bands in singing some best loved panto songs the loudest. Its guaranteed you'll come away with these songs stuck in your head, and there isn't a bad singer amongst the cast. The costumes were beautiful and sparkly, stunning in every way as any panto should be.

    The New Victoria theatre is lovely, and very modern, located by the peacocks shopping centre in Woking. Not a bad seat in the house, with the Stalls on ground floor, a circle above the stalls and an upper circle too. This panto is a must see for any panto, Mullers or Ashleigh and Pudsey fan.

    Dick Whittington will be running up until January 6th 2013 and you can purchase your tickets HERE!!

    All at Team Mullers would like to Congratulate Stephen and all of the cast on such an Epic panto, and hope the rest of the run continues to be as amazing and as successful as it is!!

Lou Lou & Gemma x x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Xtra Factor 01/12/12

So Saturday night was a good night for TV with the 'I'm a Celeb' Final, 'X Factor' and of course 'Xtra Factor' where Stephen Mulhern was on the celeb panel!!

Joining Stephen on the panel was Tom Daly (Olympic diver) and Alexandra Burke (X Factor winner).

When he was introduced the tag line said 'Stephen Mulhern - Likes playing with his magic wand' HA!!

Caroline and Olly asked who out of the contestants (James Arthur, Jahmene, Union J and Chris Maloney) disappointed?? Stephen said he was most disappointed by James who he isn't a fan of and said when people say that James should do a stripped back performance with just him and his guitar, doing what he does best, it reminds him of Matt Cardle . He said that everyone had upped their game that night, then went on to say that he used to love the Michael BublĂ© song 'Just haven't met you yet' until Chris sang it that night!!

When talking about Jahmene, Stephen said he feels that he has grown in confidence since he was last on the celeb panel and hopes Jahmene has a big career.

Then Stephen made the BIGGEST prediction, cue the dramatic music... That if Chris goes through, he will win the X Factor this year!! We shall see Mullers!! The reason he thinks that is because 'the grannies have the money' they'll be the ones that go out to buy Christophers album!! Bless their cotton socks!!

Sorry for the delay in the blog being posted!

Gemma x

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Meet Lisa


1. What your fave thing to suck ? ;-)My fave thing to suck is a refresher ice lolly. Its lovely and zingy

2.Have you got a tattoo if you have what is it and if you haven't would you and what would it be an why?

If I got a tattoo it would say 'Magic' and it would be my little meaning of Stephen.

3.If you had to pick one thing only out of these what would it be and whyTo become invisible,to have all the money in the world or fly to the moon

I would love to have all the money in the world then I can do all the things on my dream list and never have any worries or stress about money.

4.Would you ever buy a rabbit ;-) ?
No I wouldn't buy a rabbit, they scare me.

5.What is the worse thing you don't like and why in food?
I hate chilli. It makes me sick

6.Do you remember the first tv you ever saw Stephen on?
I think it was years ago and he was presenting CiTV. I didn't really take any notice. (Sorry Stephen)

7.Whats your best thing about Stephen ?
My best thing about Stephen is that he's always being so lovely to me, and the time he has given me when he doesn't have to. Also he's not changed since I met him even though he is getting more successful and popular.

8.What is the best thing you have to keep of Stephens ie program's etc
I have lots of programmes from BGT tours and but my fave is a signed Cinderella panto programme as Gemma got it for me and it means the world

9.Which show is Stephens best showin your eyes?
BGMT is Stephen's best show.

10. I there one thing you would like Stephen to do in tv ?
I would love to see Stephen host his own chat show but at tea-time. I remember when he hosted 5 O'clock show with Kimberley Walsh and he would be very funny.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Emmerdale Live The Fallout Blog

Here is my New Blog Hope you enjoy it and like it :-)

Stephen Mulhern open the show after the Live Show of Emmerdale which was really good all the cast and crew did a great job on the 7pm show.Then as i say it followed with The Emmerdale Live The Fallout on ITV2 which opened with Stephen and loads of Fireworks the first person Stephen bumps intoo is Nick (Jimmy King) and does a quick Interview with him.

Then Stephen moves to Smithy Cottage to host the show from.Also is where they had the superfans.but to be honest i can't see the was a point to have them there as they hardly did anything and what they did was odd.
Next Come Stephen on the couch and Interviewed Mark and Jeff (Marlon and Cain Dingle)  Which they bothed enjoyed the show and doing it live was a huge buzz for them both,Stephen asked many Questions from Twitter which was great.Both Mark and Jeff said that what is coming next for Emmerdale is amazing the outcome from it all.
Stuart Blackburn and the cast pre recorded a clip of how it was all put together and worked. There is alot of hard work all the crew and cast have to do well before hand they all should be very proud of there selfs in all what they have done with the live show.

Stephen then Interviewed Genesis and Rik (Gennie and Nikhil) outside the cottage they both talked about how funny it was and how great it all went off,Stephen said it was funny and Gennie Performed her acting skills of giving birth so very well.It was so funny when Nikhil Dad said to Gennie is that the head?? Gennie said no its a Coconut Shy  have a shot at it LOL ...... Genesis and Rik seem two lovely people. Then Emmerdale gave ITV2 a sneak look behind the camera's at all the cast and what and how things are done The Fake brick with blood in it,Stephen also talked to the cast on set around the dales.They had to make the Village Hall into the set for the Hospital so it was all near for filming.Stephen met the Jelly Baby !!! All photos below.

Next Interview come was with Charlie and Emma (Debbie and Charity) Charlie said she felt like she had really given birth and nearly lost her voice with all the times they had to do it.Stephen said she did amazing job and it was a beauiful sight to see.
Then we had a little clip of the story so far of that night show.

Stephen then moved to where the wedding reception was which had turned into the after show party.
Stephen talked to Jason and Sammy (Declan and Katie) Sammy looked Beauiful.They both chatted about the wedding and the show,they then showed the cake bit that was in the show which i thought was really funny.
Then the Mr BlackBurn the Producer of the show joined them to have a chat and he said that he has a great idea for a live week of shows.
Then Finally come the interview with Tom and Dominic ( Carl and Camron) talked about Camron killing Carl and the energy and everything you do to get it right and look real.Dominic said he hit Tom alot harder when it went live to make it real.So now it is the end for Carl King they showed a reel of his best bits then the cast did there last Goodbyes which brought Tears to Tom's Eye's. Goodbye Tom (Carl King) and wish him the best on what he does next.

Well Done to you all on ITV2 you did a fab show we all enjoyed it very much.And Stephen Mulhern what can i say another Fabulous Host for the show you did a grand job and looked very sexy and Country looking.
10 out of 10 to you Mullers.
I do hope you all like this Blog
Lots of Love
Lou Lou

Monday, 15 October 2012

THE XTRA FACTOR 13/10/2012

THE XTRA FACTOR 13/10/2012
Hi all, Sorry I've not done a blog in a while.
On Saturday, The 13th of October Stephen was a guest on the panel on The Xtra Factor, as always Stephen was on top form.
Stephen was joined by Natalie Anderton and  Georgie Thompson.

Stephen gave his opinion on some of the acts

Rylan - not a novelty act
Lucy - should have went on BGT instead
he likes union J
Chris he made a geat point in wherw has his nerves gone.

great quote from Stephen about Chris

'If you close your eyes and listen to him, you wouldn't think it's him. But because you have your eyes open.. mmm NO,

It was great having Stephen on the show

He looked FAB with his dress-down look and his gorgeous new haircut.

Lisa XX

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Catchphrase Returns!! :D

We've kind of neglected the Team Mullers Blog for a lil while, so apologies for that... But we are now back and promise to be a bit more on the ball with all your mullers news.

Back in August, a pilot for a new revamp of the gameshow, Catchphrase, was filmed with the lovely Stephen Mulhern as host, who did a fantastic job of it as he always does.

Well we are now very excited to find out that the show has been commissioned and Stephen will now be filming 8 more 45 minute episodes to be aired at a later date on Saturday night primetime TV for ITV1. The new revamp contains 3D graphics, games and a brand new 'Say what you see' Catchphrase.

Us at Team Mullers want to say a massive Congratulations to Stephen on this well deserved slot and wish him the best of luck in Catchphrase being a massive success for him!!

Lotsa Love


x x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Stephen Mulhern Butlins Tour Summer 2012 By Lou Lou

I haven't wrote a blog for a long time so now iam back with a bang and i warn you all this blog comes with a over 18's Only HA HA HA HA!!!!! I hope you all enjoy reading this blog.

Well here we go i went to see the Very Lovely Stephen Mulhern at his Butlins Summer Show.I was a "BUTLINS VIRGIN" So i didnt know what to expect but i must say it was all very good with Loads of UPS and No Downs !!!!!!! ;-)

Now lets get to the Show it was packed out and everyone was ready for the show to begin they were all shouting out "Stephen Stephen Stephen" and 7 o clock come and the first show started.

It was The Big Big Gameshow Red vs Blue we had a mix of stars from all different TV Programms and they were all talking about which side is going to win RED'S OR BLUE'S at Butlins.Then the very Lovely Host for the Gameshow come on the stage Stephen Mulhern and Looking Gorgeous as ever and so the show begun.And Stephen welcomed on stage the Olympic Judge of the Show going by the Name of Barry Rudge he was fab and so funny he did his little dance and Split his difference he said its ok ladies i have another one at the same time holding his Balls haha.Stephen and Barry work so well together in the show and loved everymin of it.

So then they got 3 Adults from the Blue side and 3 Adults from the Red side and Round 1 begun

Stephen was talking to the contestants.Stephen asked what the person does for work the contestant answered saying iam a Royal Mail driver! Stephen said that is very odd you say your a driver i have a Steering Wheel down my pants  its driving me nuts !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I think we all love to drive his nuts or we do drive him nuts haha lucky steering wheel ;-p that did make me laugh.Round 1 was called Shake it they had to get off there hat scarf and gloves without using your hands and the Blues won that round.

Round 2 was called Down it,they had to drink a drink all down in one go but not as easy as you think they had to drink it through a sock and they had to suck the sock but it wasnt there own sock it was the other contestants one ewwwwwww i thought.But was a laugh and the Red's won that round.Stephen laughing set me off laughing love his laugh bless him and his dirty mind and jokes loved it all.Then Stephen Said i will do a Magic Trick so he Squeezed he sock out from what they drunk from and Stephen said i will make the orange drink disappear from the glass well the crowd shouted out to stephen "DRINK IT DRINK IT" Stephen told the crowd to shut your face no i wont.Then he went 3-2-1 here we go then Barry walked in and drunk it HAHA ewwwww and he said oooo it had bits in it to was it freshly Squeezed! Stephen said you could say that !!!!!! hahaha

Round 3 Bang It it was called The Contestants had two Jackets on with Mini Balloons looked like something else blowen up trust me it did lol ;-) and they had to roll over and try and pop them all well Barry showed them how it was done and he fell off the stage bless Barry you have gotta love Barry.And the red's won that round.

Round 4 OMG WAIT FOR IT THE NAME WAS ........................ RIDE IT yes you hear right haha well i just laughed and it was the lady contestants up next and one of the ladies couldnt stop laughing so Stephen asked her why she found it so funny she said its the name Barry said i don't know why you find it so funny.So Stephen asked the lady what she last rode she answered a Bike LOL Stephen said to her is that what you call him !!!!!!! I so couldnt stop laughing and then the two ladieshad to ride two little horses and who ever got to the other side first won and the blues won that round.

Round 5 was called Pump it where Ant and Dec did this on TV  who could pop the balloon up first and the blues won that round too.

Round 6 was called Catch it So Stephen Showed us his Balls! one red and one blue and they had to get the balls to the back of the room and back again to see who won and the red ball won so well done the reds they won that round.What a nice pair of balls!!!!! haha :-)

Final Round It was called Sing it,it was a karaoke and when the music stopped each side had to sing the words then Barry the Olympic Judge picked who won it ended up as a draw so Barry said we are all losers No iam only Joking your all winners so every kid got a Mulhern Medal and then that show ended with everyone up rocking Centre Stage.To round up the first show was really good fun and its so worth going to see this show its fun for all the family.

Then 30mins later show two started THE STEPHEN MULHERN VARIETY SHOW well this one i was really looking forward to as well Stephen put on a outstanding show of comedy,singing,and magic which pleased the crowd no end iam not telling you all what happen in these half as there is still a few weeks left to see the show and it is really worth going to see his show at Butlins.I haven't laughed so much in a long time with all his jokes i was crying because laughing so much.And how Stephen did the one trick i will never know one min on the Stage and then the next at the back of the crowd very clever.There was a great lot in the show i will never forget what a fab,fun,outstanding and amazing show.Well Done to Stephen,Barry and Alex and all his team for a great job with the shows.It is worth every penny to go and see this show.ONE THING i will say Stephen has a MASSIVE WAND and people who seen the show will know what i mean others who are going to see the show your in for a surprise. :-)HUGE he defo pulled it out a Big One and Flopply.HAHAHA The Show ended with Stephen Barry and Alex doing a song called What a Red Coat gave to me! It was so good reminded me of panto was so nice really enjoyed every thing and it was very slippy on that stage wasnt it Mr Mulhern ;-p hehehehe and i can say i was wet by the end of the show you can take that how you like but 12 gallons of water LOL ;-) hahaha

After the shows Stephen does a signing and photo shoot to sign his dvd which is worth getting to.To all the people who are going enjoy a amazing show you will love it.Stephen Mulhern is a truely lovely man with a heart of gold love him to bits like we all do.

My Trip to Butlins have been the best ever and i would tell everyone to go there.Thank You to everyone who made my trip fab everyone you know who you are staff etc.

I do hope you enjoyed reading this blog

Lots of Love Lou Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Big Sports quiz: Boys V Girls

Apologies for the delay in this blog!

To celebrate the beginning of the olympics, televised on the 26th July was The Big Sports quiz: Boys V Girls hosted by the lovely Stephen Mulhern, looking very sexy in his blue suit and silver tie!! <3 What a way to kick off the olympics!!

A team of Boys - Paddy McGuinness, Joe Hart, Kriss Akabusi and Mark Foster were put head to head against a team of girls - Charlotte Jackson, Amy Williams, Karen Pickering and Louise Hazel, in an epic battle of sports knowledge and exciting games to see who would come out on top in the world of sport!! But who do u think will take the crown, Girls or Boys??

Round one consisted of a quick fire sporting questions round against the clock for each of the teams, followed by the best bit of the whole show, 'Calendar boys', where the teams had to 'uncover the owner of various lunchboxes'. The face of the sporting body was covered up by a picture of Stephen's face, much to the delight of all us Mulhernettes ;) Can you work out who's lunchbox belongs to which sporting personality?

We are then treated to a full on head to head race between Paddy and Charlotte right through the studios, the corrie set up to the rovers return. On their way they encounter some obstacles which is highly amusing.

Next up is 'What a load of balls' where sporting legends have been quoted in papers giving excuses for poor performances in their sporting careers, and our teams have to fill in the blanks.

The boys team then select from the hall of fame for their next round where they have to spot the 10 differences in 2 similar video clips which are played to them. Both clips are highly amusing.

In the girls Hall of fame round Karen and Louise are asked to select which sporting champions eat what for breakfast? They did this by moving the champions in front of different plates of food. For a bonus point, the girls have to name one ingredient that Stephen has in his breakfast by drinking from his blended up breakfast shake ;)

Other question rounds included a guest appearance video clip from the Loose Women, where they'd describe a sporting person and the teams would have to guess who they were talking about. A true or false question round for both teams, very funny with even more inuendos from all sides, terrible I tells ya ;) A Close up picture round where teams would have to guess who was in the picture which was zoomed in on.

And finally the decider... A back to back squat off in squatters rights!! Paddy and Mark from the boys team went up against Charlotte and Amy from the girls to see which team would last the longest in the squat off!! Which team would you expect to win??

So all in all, another very entertaining show from The Big Quiz series, and of course our favourite fella!! Fingers crossed there will be more of these filmed! Keeping our eyes peeled on it for you, so as soon as we know, you shall too!!

Gemma x

Thursday, 28 June 2012


Stephen has been nominated for an award at the National Reality Television awards!!

He is in the category for Best TV Presenter, and I'm sure you will all agree that he deserves this award, so get voting HERE!!

Britain's got talent has also been nominated under the categories for Best Entertainment show, Celebrity personality of the year and Best Reality TV Judge for Alesha and David and Best Reality Competition show. All can be voted for using the above link!!

The awards ceremony takes place on 30th August 2012!!

Happy voting... And make sure it's Mullers ;)
Gemma x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Panto 2012- Dick Whittington

Theres been lots of rumours the last few months of where our favourite fella, Mr Stephen Mulhern will be doing panto at the end of the year...

It has now been confirmed that he will be playing the role of Idle Jack in the Dick Whittington pantomime at The New Victoria Theatre in Woking. He will be starring alongside Britain's got talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey. I'm sure we're all in for a real treat!!

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased HERE!!

The panto will be running from 7th December, right up until 6th January!!

Hope to see some of you there!!

Gemma x

Monday, 14 May 2012

Britain's Got More Talent Live... The Final

Saturday 12th May saw BGMT go live for sadly the last time this year.
But what a bang it went out on.

On stage, Stephen interviewed the rightful winner of BGT 2012. Yes, Ashley & Pudsey.
According to David, Pudsey is the most talented dog in the world.
Ashley was clearly over the moon and could not believe that she had just won the grand sum of; £500, 000.

Interview with the judges now..

 Amanda said that there is not going to be a BGT Tour this year, which I am not only sad about, but shocked! It's been the best year so far and all acts were the strongest We've ever seen.
Someone on Skype asked David how he was going to cope without seeing his Simon everyday.
He replied that he'd see him in his dreams. But simon said that he would be seeing him in his nightmares!

Simon announced the words that we all have been waiting to hear; 
All 3 judges and himself will be returning next Year to face a whole load more of talent and start the journey all over again.

This leads on to the prediction cards. 
  •  David was first up.. He predicted the winner of BGT 2012 would be: Jonathan & Charlotte
  • Aleasha cheekily went for two: Jonathan & Charlotte OR Sam Kelly
  • Amanda: Only Boys Aloud
  • Simon: Jonathan & Charlotte or Only Boys Aloud  
This leads onto the judges Best Bits of the series, and then an advert.

I'm just going to upload a few nice pictures of Stephen because I can..

After the break, We are joined in ITV2 studio's with Ant & Dec
Ashley Banjo - Diversity
Warwick Davis
Eamon Holmes
Cheska - Made In Chelsea
Ashley & Pudsey taking the public's calls
And we have music from Professor Green.

As you can see above.. Loudy head voice over man Peter Dickson was given the marvellous job of being security guard again. The silent thing just isn't working with Peter.

WHERE'S WALLI........................... AMS LIVE.
Us lucky viewers at home had chance to search the studio's for Walli. 

Turns out walli was apart of the camera crew.

Ant & Dec come for a chat on the sofa.
The 3 of them were talking about the winner. They both said that you couldn't call it because there were so many amazing acts. Best year yet.

Ant & Dec's and for a first, Stephen's predictions were revealed
  • Ant: The Mend
  • Dec: Jonathan & Charlotte
  • Stephen: The Loveable Rouges

Ant & Dec's Best Bits were then shown. Most of their best bits were with Stephen.

Interval Pub Games Live Final

Surprisingly, They actually managed to not get disqualified. They stuck by the rules and behaved themselves.
Dec did really well with a high score and ended up top of the leader-board!
Congratulations to Dec. He is the overall ranker of the year!!

Chat with celebrity panel
Everybody agreed that the result was right and that Ashley & Pudsey deserved to win.

Chat with runners-up: Jonathan & Charlotte.

They take the British public's phone calls/ Skype questions.
They receive a great reaction with the public and everybody was very pleased with them both.
They will go far with whatever they decide to do in their future.

Finally, a chat with The Winner.
Ashley and Pudsey are in the house!

 Ashley Banjo from Diversity being the winner of BGT a few years back, says that it is a massive roller-coaster ride. Hard work. But most important, They need to enjoy themselves.
Oh and Pudsey got a ham sandwich!

That's it. Britain's Got More Talent is over for another year.
I don't know about you, but the tears were already on their way.
Highlights from the spectacular series were shown and the tears really did start rolling down my face now.
I will really miss my Mr Bombastic being on my telly screen every night and week.

A massive well done to YOU Stephen and all the BGMT team.
It really has been the best series and everyone has done great.

Roll on 2013 where Stephen will be a year older and the grand age of 69.
Only joking, but he is getting old :p

Here are some truly beautiful pictures.

Lot's of love, Hope you enjoyed reading...