Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Catchphrase Returns!! :D

We've kind of neglected the Team Mullers Blog for a lil while, so apologies for that... But we are now back and promise to be a bit more on the ball with all your mullers news.

Back in August, a pilot for a new revamp of the gameshow, Catchphrase, was filmed with the lovely Stephen Mulhern as host, who did a fantastic job of it as he always does.

Well we are now very excited to find out that the show has been commissioned and Stephen will now be filming 8 more 45 minute episodes to be aired at a later date on Saturday night primetime TV for ITV1. The new revamp contains 3D graphics, games and a brand new 'Say what you see' Catchphrase.

Us at Team Mullers want to say a massive Congratulations to Stephen on this well deserved slot and wish him the best of luck in Catchphrase being a massive success for him!!

Lotsa Love


x x

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