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Stephen Mulhern Butlins Tour Summer 2012 By Lou Lou

I haven't wrote a blog for a long time so now iam back with a bang and i warn you all this blog comes with a over 18's Only HA HA HA HA!!!!! I hope you all enjoy reading this blog.

Well here we go i went to see the Very Lovely Stephen Mulhern at his Butlins Summer Show.I was a "BUTLINS VIRGIN" So i didnt know what to expect but i must say it was all very good with Loads of UPS and No Downs !!!!!!! ;-)

Now lets get to the Show it was packed out and everyone was ready for the show to begin they were all shouting out "Stephen Stephen Stephen" and 7 o clock come and the first show started.

It was The Big Big Gameshow Red vs Blue we had a mix of stars from all different TV Programms and they were all talking about which side is going to win RED'S OR BLUE'S at Butlins.Then the very Lovely Host for the Gameshow come on the stage Stephen Mulhern and Looking Gorgeous as ever and so the show begun.And Stephen welcomed on stage the Olympic Judge of the Show going by the Name of Barry Rudge he was fab and so funny he did his little dance and Split his difference he said its ok ladies i have another one at the same time holding his Balls haha.Stephen and Barry work so well together in the show and loved everymin of it.

So then they got 3 Adults from the Blue side and 3 Adults from the Red side and Round 1 begun

Stephen was talking to the contestants.Stephen asked what the person does for work the contestant answered saying iam a Royal Mail driver! Stephen said that is very odd you say your a driver i have a Steering Wheel down my pants  its driving me nuts !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I think we all love to drive his nuts or we do drive him nuts haha lucky steering wheel ;-p that did make me laugh.Round 1 was called Shake it they had to get off there hat scarf and gloves without using your hands and the Blues won that round.

Round 2 was called Down it,they had to drink a drink all down in one go but not as easy as you think they had to drink it through a sock and they had to suck the sock but it wasnt there own sock it was the other contestants one ewwwwwww i thought.But was a laugh and the Red's won that round.Stephen laughing set me off laughing love his laugh bless him and his dirty mind and jokes loved it all.Then Stephen Said i will do a Magic Trick so he Squeezed he sock out from what they drunk from and Stephen said i will make the orange drink disappear from the glass well the crowd shouted out to stephen "DRINK IT DRINK IT" Stephen told the crowd to shut your face no i wont.Then he went 3-2-1 here we go then Barry walked in and drunk it HAHA ewwwww and he said oooo it had bits in it to was it freshly Squeezed! Stephen said you could say that !!!!!! hahaha

Round 3 Bang It it was called The Contestants had two Jackets on with Mini Balloons looked like something else blowen up trust me it did lol ;-) and they had to roll over and try and pop them all well Barry showed them how it was done and he fell off the stage bless Barry you have gotta love Barry.And the red's won that round.

Round 4 OMG WAIT FOR IT THE NAME WAS ........................ RIDE IT yes you hear right haha well i just laughed and it was the lady contestants up next and one of the ladies couldnt stop laughing so Stephen asked her why she found it so funny she said its the name Barry said i don't know why you find it so funny.So Stephen asked the lady what she last rode she answered a Bike LOL Stephen said to her is that what you call him !!!!!!! I so couldnt stop laughing and then the two ladieshad to ride two little horses and who ever got to the other side first won and the blues won that round.

Round 5 was called Pump it where Ant and Dec did this on TV  who could pop the balloon up first and the blues won that round too.

Round 6 was called Catch it So Stephen Showed us his Balls! one red and one blue and they had to get the balls to the back of the room and back again to see who won and the red ball won so well done the reds they won that round.What a nice pair of balls!!!!! haha :-)

Final Round It was called Sing it,it was a karaoke and when the music stopped each side had to sing the words then Barry the Olympic Judge picked who won it ended up as a draw so Barry said we are all losers No iam only Joking your all winners so every kid got a Mulhern Medal and then that show ended with everyone up rocking Centre Stage.To round up the first show was really good fun and its so worth going to see this show its fun for all the family.

Then 30mins later show two started THE STEPHEN MULHERN VARIETY SHOW well this one i was really looking forward to as well Stephen put on a outstanding show of comedy,singing,and magic which pleased the crowd no end iam not telling you all what happen in these half as there is still a few weeks left to see the show and it is really worth going to see his show at Butlins.I haven't laughed so much in a long time with all his jokes i was crying because laughing so much.And how Stephen did the one trick i will never know one min on the Stage and then the next at the back of the crowd very clever.There was a great lot in the show i will never forget what a fab,fun,outstanding and amazing show.Well Done to Stephen,Barry and Alex and all his team for a great job with the shows.It is worth every penny to go and see this show.ONE THING i will say Stephen has a MASSIVE WAND and people who seen the show will know what i mean others who are going to see the show your in for a surprise. :-)HUGE he defo pulled it out a Big One and Flopply.HAHAHA The Show ended with Stephen Barry and Alex doing a song called What a Red Coat gave to me! It was so good reminded me of panto was so nice really enjoyed every thing and it was very slippy on that stage wasnt it Mr Mulhern ;-p hehehehe and i can say i was wet by the end of the show you can take that how you like but 12 gallons of water LOL ;-) hahaha

After the shows Stephen does a signing and photo shoot to sign his dvd which is worth getting to.To all the people who are going enjoy a amazing show you will love it.Stephen Mulhern is a truely lovely man with a heart of gold love him to bits like we all do.

My Trip to Butlins have been the best ever and i would tell everyone to go there.Thank You to everyone who made my trip fab everyone you know who you are staff etc.

I do hope you enjoyed reading this blog

Lots of Love Lou Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. It sounds really fun show to go and see.It is asame that Stephen does not go around the Uk to show how good he really is becasue he is a really talented guy and people are missing out on that.