Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Big Sports quiz: Boys V Girls

Apologies for the delay in this blog!

To celebrate the beginning of the olympics, televised on the 26th July was The Big Sports quiz: Boys V Girls hosted by the lovely Stephen Mulhern, looking very sexy in his blue suit and silver tie!! <3 What a way to kick off the olympics!!

A team of Boys - Paddy McGuinness, Joe Hart, Kriss Akabusi and Mark Foster were put head to head against a team of girls - Charlotte Jackson, Amy Williams, Karen Pickering and Louise Hazel, in an epic battle of sports knowledge and exciting games to see who would come out on top in the world of sport!! But who do u think will take the crown, Girls or Boys??

Round one consisted of a quick fire sporting questions round against the clock for each of the teams, followed by the best bit of the whole show, 'Calendar boys', where the teams had to 'uncover the owner of various lunchboxes'. The face of the sporting body was covered up by a picture of Stephen's face, much to the delight of all us Mulhernettes ;) Can you work out who's lunchbox belongs to which sporting personality?

We are then treated to a full on head to head race between Paddy and Charlotte right through the studios, the corrie set up to the rovers return. On their way they encounter some obstacles which is highly amusing.

Next up is 'What a load of balls' where sporting legends have been quoted in papers giving excuses for poor performances in their sporting careers, and our teams have to fill in the blanks.

The boys team then select from the hall of fame for their next round where they have to spot the 10 differences in 2 similar video clips which are played to them. Both clips are highly amusing.

In the girls Hall of fame round Karen and Louise are asked to select which sporting champions eat what for breakfast? They did this by moving the champions in front of different plates of food. For a bonus point, the girls have to name one ingredient that Stephen has in his breakfast by drinking from his blended up breakfast shake ;)

Other question rounds included a guest appearance video clip from the Loose Women, where they'd describe a sporting person and the teams would have to guess who they were talking about. A true or false question round for both teams, very funny with even more inuendos from all sides, terrible I tells ya ;) A Close up picture round where teams would have to guess who was in the picture which was zoomed in on.

And finally the decider... A back to back squat off in squatters rights!! Paddy and Mark from the boys team went up against Charlotte and Amy from the girls to see which team would last the longest in the squat off!! Which team would you expect to win??

So all in all, another very entertaining show from The Big Quiz series, and of course our favourite fella!! Fingers crossed there will be more of these filmed! Keeping our eyes peeled on it for you, so as soon as we know, you shall too!!

Gemma x

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