Thursday, 18 October 2012

Emmerdale Live The Fallout Blog

Here is my New Blog Hope you enjoy it and like it :-)

Stephen Mulhern open the show after the Live Show of Emmerdale which was really good all the cast and crew did a great job on the 7pm show.Then as i say it followed with The Emmerdale Live The Fallout on ITV2 which opened with Stephen and loads of Fireworks the first person Stephen bumps intoo is Nick (Jimmy King) and does a quick Interview with him.

Then Stephen moves to Smithy Cottage to host the show from.Also is where they had the superfans.but to be honest i can't see the was a point to have them there as they hardly did anything and what they did was odd.
Next Come Stephen on the couch and Interviewed Mark and Jeff (Marlon and Cain Dingle)  Which they bothed enjoyed the show and doing it live was a huge buzz for them both,Stephen asked many Questions from Twitter which was great.Both Mark and Jeff said that what is coming next for Emmerdale is amazing the outcome from it all.
Stuart Blackburn and the cast pre recorded a clip of how it was all put together and worked. There is alot of hard work all the crew and cast have to do well before hand they all should be very proud of there selfs in all what they have done with the live show.

Stephen then Interviewed Genesis and Rik (Gennie and Nikhil) outside the cottage they both talked about how funny it was and how great it all went off,Stephen said it was funny and Gennie Performed her acting skills of giving birth so very well.It was so funny when Nikhil Dad said to Gennie is that the head?? Gennie said no its a Coconut Shy  have a shot at it LOL ...... Genesis and Rik seem two lovely people. Then Emmerdale gave ITV2 a sneak look behind the camera's at all the cast and what and how things are done The Fake brick with blood in it,Stephen also talked to the cast on set around the dales.They had to make the Village Hall into the set for the Hospital so it was all near for filming.Stephen met the Jelly Baby !!! All photos below.

Next Interview come was with Charlie and Emma (Debbie and Charity) Charlie said she felt like she had really given birth and nearly lost her voice with all the times they had to do it.Stephen said she did amazing job and it was a beauiful sight to see.
Then we had a little clip of the story so far of that night show.

Stephen then moved to where the wedding reception was which had turned into the after show party.
Stephen talked to Jason and Sammy (Declan and Katie) Sammy looked Beauiful.They both chatted about the wedding and the show,they then showed the cake bit that was in the show which i thought was really funny.
Then the Mr BlackBurn the Producer of the show joined them to have a chat and he said that he has a great idea for a live week of shows.
Then Finally come the interview with Tom and Dominic ( Carl and Camron) talked about Camron killing Carl and the energy and everything you do to get it right and look real.Dominic said he hit Tom alot harder when it went live to make it real.So now it is the end for Carl King they showed a reel of his best bits then the cast did there last Goodbyes which brought Tears to Tom's Eye's. Goodbye Tom (Carl King) and wish him the best on what he does next.

Well Done to you all on ITV2 you did a fab show we all enjoyed it very much.And Stephen Mulhern what can i say another Fabulous Host for the show you did a grand job and looked very sexy and Country looking.
10 out of 10 to you Mullers.
I do hope you all like this Blog
Lots of Love
Lou Lou

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