Saturday, 20 October 2012

Meet Lisa


1. What your fave thing to suck ? ;-)My fave thing to suck is a refresher ice lolly. Its lovely and zingy

2.Have you got a tattoo if you have what is it and if you haven't would you and what would it be an why?

If I got a tattoo it would say 'Magic' and it would be my little meaning of Stephen.

3.If you had to pick one thing only out of these what would it be and whyTo become invisible,to have all the money in the world or fly to the moon

I would love to have all the money in the world then I can do all the things on my dream list and never have any worries or stress about money.

4.Would you ever buy a rabbit ;-) ?
No I wouldn't buy a rabbit, they scare me.

5.What is the worse thing you don't like and why in food?
I hate chilli. It makes me sick

6.Do you remember the first tv you ever saw Stephen on?
I think it was years ago and he was presenting CiTV. I didn't really take any notice. (Sorry Stephen)

7.Whats your best thing about Stephen ?
My best thing about Stephen is that he's always being so lovely to me, and the time he has given me when he doesn't have to. Also he's not changed since I met him even though he is getting more successful and popular.

8.What is the best thing you have to keep of Stephens ie program's etc
I have lots of programmes from BGT tours and but my fave is a signed Cinderella panto programme as Gemma got it for me and it means the world

9.Which show is Stephens best showin your eyes?
BGMT is Stephen's best show.

10. I there one thing you would like Stephen to do in tv ?
I would love to see Stephen host his own chat show but at tea-time. I remember when he hosted 5 O'clock show with Kimberley Walsh and he would be very funny.

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