Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cinderella Panto review 2011

After going to see the Cinderella panto at the Marlowe theatre in Canterbury, I can assure you that those still yet to see it are in for a real treat, and would seriously recommend it to anyone who can get there!!

The Cinderella story is put across beautifully by a very talented cast, including John Partridge (Christian from Eastenders) as Prince Charming who will amaze you with his singing, the very funny Ben Roddy as Dandini, Kate Quinnell makes a beautiful Cinderella, Sue Devaney with her rhyming couplets and her 'Prince Charming moments'. Michael J Batchelor and Ian Smith play the ugly sisters, Eugenie and Beatrice and of course Stephen Mulhern who makes the cutest Buttons ever!! ... And i think Fred Bear also deserves a special mention as he plays a very important role...

The highlights

- The dancers in the opening sequence, they're so talented.

- The Market stall scene between Buttons and Dandini will have you doubled up laughing.

- When Prince Charming first sings. Just Amazing!!

- Buttons in a onesie <3

- Cinderella's Horse and Carriage...

- The famous Ghost bench, with the famous 'It's behind you' shoutouts from the crowd and 'Oh well, we'll have to do it again then' and just all audience participation.

- When the ugly sisters try on Cinderella's Glass slipper, too funny!

- Stephens magic tricks and shoutouts!!

- The final song when everyone gets up to dance!!

Theres also lots of references to Eastenders and Britain's got talent in it too that will keep the older audience amused!! So all in all, the perfect panto for all of the family!!

Panto runs until the 22nd January 2012 and Tickets can be purchased HERE

Enjoy!! I Know you'll love it if you do go!!

Gemma x

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