Friday, 16 December 2011

well done stephen on the big quiz

Well we have just watched our lovely boss Mr Mulhern host The Big Quiz: Corrie v Emmerdale.
Stephen looked amazing in his new suit designed by @suitthecity and I'm sure you will agree they did a fab job.

On the corrie side there was Jack P Shepherd who plays David Platt, Jennie Mcalpine who plays Fiz, Pattie Clare who plays Mary and lastly Malcom Hebden who plays Norris.
On the Emmerdale side there was Danny Miller who plays Aaron, Mark Charnock who plays Marlon, Natalie Anderson who plays Alicia and lastly Meg Johnson who plays Pearl.
Some of the games that were played were Danny and Mark were blindfolded and had to touch the special guest who was Andy Devine who plays Shadrach. Jennie and Malcom had to put rovers return barmaid in the order of who was first and then had to place Samia Smith who plays Maria into when she was barmaid. Another game was between who would cry first between Jack and Natalie, during the game when the lights went down Stephen looked AMAZING. The rest of the games were they were shown clips. The winner was Corrie. The show was fab and Stephen was the perfect choice to host. Fingers crossed they do another big quiz soap special. A massive well done to the Corrie team the Emmerdale team the production and of course  the Host with most the beatuful Stephen for a fantastic show.
Lisa x

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  1. Yes it was a great show I miss the start. Also who would of throught that Corrie was going to win.

    Stephen look great but he always does. Do you know if there be any more becasue I would have a quiz with Eastenders v Hollyoaks.

    So have a great Christmas.