Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Booth of Truth-Love it Magazine

In last weeks Love it Mag Stephen was put into the Booth of Truth. Here are his answers

Do you ever have embarrassing moments?

I once performed a magic trick called the Metamorphorsis, live on Blue Peter. My assistant handcuffed me, put me inside a box, lifted up a curtain & was supposed to switch places. with me. But I couldn't get the handcuffs off because I panicked. I only got them off by banging them really hard against the box! Another time, I went to the loo at a friend's house & when I came back, everyone was saying: What's that smell? I'd managed to hook the air freshener off the back of the loo on to my trousers. The Shame!

Have you had any bizzare moments with Simon Cowell?

When I was filming BGMT, I walked into the judges' room & saw a plate of weird-looking carrots, which looked like they had been varnished. Simon had them flown in from Singapore. So I bought some ordinary ones & asked him to do a carrot test. I got him on the couch, made him close his eyes & fed them to him. He could tell which were his, but it was a strange moment.

What's the best prank you've ever played on someone?

Holly Willoughby & I shared a dressing room when we hosted MOM. We often got gunged on the show & I always let her use the shower in our room first. One April fools day, I unscrewed the shower head & filled it with coffee granules. Rachel Stevens had been on the show that day & we'd thrown pies at her, so she needed to freshen up. There wasn't a shower in her room, so Holly offered ours. I realised what I'd done & stopped Rachel from having a coffee shower in time.

What's your guilty pleasure?

A Toby Carvery I always order the king-size turkey dish with all the trimmings. I like watching people try to get as much food as possible on their plates, like filling up their Yorkshire Puddings with potatoes. It's genius!

Who would you hate to share the booth with?

Jedward, as they're so full-on. They were on BGMT & I got death threats from their fans, who said I'd taken the mickey. They said things like " we're going to cut you up." I don't think jedward though because they did the show again the following week.

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