Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Britain's Got More Talent ep4 part 1

Saturday the 14th April we saw the fourth episode of BGMT.
To start with we had another accent from Stephen, cockney london.

The acts we saw were,
MC Stallion who was a rapper and got 4 yes's
he rapped about Stephen but forgot his name then called him David. SHOCKING. Fab beatboxing from mullers

Next we had Rob King who had MASSIVE hands. Rob sang 500 miles with some classic Mullers moments behind the curtain. Rob got 3 yes's.

In the Where's Walliams segment David went swimming

Next up we had Colin Mcleod who was a mentalist. Ant and Dec were brought on stage to be his assistants.
Davids book was chosen by David and Colin had PRINTED & BOTTOM on a bit of card and the word REVEALING which Ant and Dec choose as the largest word on his bum.
Colin sailed through with 4 yes's

Next up we had Simon Butterworth who did Adele's Someone like you in the voice of Peter Dickson who does the voice over for many shows including The X factor and BGT. Simon got 3 yes's.
We also got to hear Stephen do his impression of Peter Dickson.

the last 2 acts were Lynn who was the comedian who got 3 yes's and
 The Charms who were the only act not to get through.

Lisa xx

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