Thursday, 12 April 2012

episode 2 of bgmt

Well I can't believe i am writing my first ever blog for team mullers it is just fab and I want to thank Gemma and Lisa for letting me join there team i am honoured and excited to be part of the mullers team.
Thank You Girls so much.
I am going to enjoy doing this and finding out everything mullers for you.

Here we go then well the second show of BGT AND BGMT on the 31st of March 2012
Which was amazing I am so glad it is back so let's talk about BGMT
Well with the opening titles come a very sexy looking Stephen Mulhern aka James Bond with his pussy cat what a fab way to start the second show.
And it all comes from Blackpool it has a tower so Stephen says.
Then Dec and Stephen met that day in the same Clothes bless them they looked liked twins they both have amazing dress code very nice.
Blackpool had some good ones and some bad ones of course but of course ones that made us all giggle and that what we need and that is defo what we get from BGMT the funny factor and one fab show with a stunning and fab presenter.
We had the truly amazing Ashley who played the Xylophone and was so please he got all yes from the judges.Even getting two red crosses the crowd loved him.
Ryan was another person who was outstanding and wrote that song for his secret lover I wonder if the world will Ever find out who it is ????? I think Ryan will go along way.

Then I Must write about this what Simon said about Stephen needing work done the cheek of it Stephen perfect the way he is and wouldn't change him for the world he looks stunning and gorgeous and has a heart of gold. Don't you all agree ?

Stephen did some lovely interviews with the judges which was fab as always.

So so so scandalous was yet another good one Stephens ace was a picture but iam Lovin that shirt Stephen is wearing in them clips.

The face dancing man that was ill think that is what Stephen had I think he gave it to him.
Loved the faces Stephen made a with him haves done little movie clips of bgmt and also photos which I hope you enjoy and I hope you like my blog iam very nerves writing my first one.

Iam so enjoying this series of bgt and bgmt I think it's the best one to date and I just love the judges.Daivd brings something fresh and new to it and very funny Alesha has great views to and is a ace judge the two newbies

Well now I think my blog has come to a close until next time and thank you for taking time to read it

Much Love
Lou Lou

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