Monday, 16 April 2012

The Big Quiz! Benidorm V The only way is Essex!!

The show we've all been waiting for, well us at Team Mullers have... The big quiz hosted by our favourite fella, Mr Stephen Mulhern, who was looking lovely as always in a grey 3 piece suit and a lovely metalic blue/green tie... I do love his ties ;)

Teams from Benidorm and the Only way is Essex were put head to head in the battle of the shows to see which have most knowledge about their own and the other teams shows.

On the Benidorm team was Jake Canuso (Mateo), Crissy Rock, Janine Duvitski (Jacqueline); Stephen had trouble pronouncing her last name at the filming and Shelley Longworthin (Sam). For Essex, Joey Essex, Lauren Goodger, James 'Arg' Argent and Gemma Collins.

When televised last night, the show was cut short due to football over running, however the full uncut version can be seen on ITV player.

Teams were shown clips from their shows and in different rounds they were asked to guess what happens next in their opposing teams show? Essex have a language of their own and Ruth and Eamonn from This Morning would say what an 'Essex term' meant and Benidorm would have to guess which meaning was correct! Guess which character was in close ups of amusing pictures and had Jacquline said 'Oh yes' more times than Amy Childs had said 'Shut up'??

Essex were also shown clips of Benidorm where Donald was helping Jacqueline answer crosswords, and they'd have to guess the answer Donald gave, here we discover Joey Essex didn't know what a scrotum was, which Stephen then had to explain 'Your scrotum is your sack' Classic!!

Games were also played including ...

-Guest star Nanny Pat from Essex had to help Joey place cast members in order of hotness in 'Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the Reemest of them all' Joey then had to place himself in the lineup! Afterwards when Arg gives a go at guessing the reemest of them all, he is 100% correct.

After this Stephen then cuts to a break saying the Winning team would be taken to a private room where he would vajazzle them all personally, then saying that there wasn't much to play for then... We'd have to disagree with him on that one though!! ;)

-Arg's Cardioke involved Arg having to run on a treadmill whilst singing 'Thats Amoré' by Dean Martin. The audience all joined in singing and swaying their arms, a great atmosphere and the funniest part of the show. Stephen's laugh was so cute.

-An arm wrestle between Gemma and Crissy, girl on girl action as Stephen put it. Who do you think will win?? Crissy was very funny in this, claiming that her arm was about to fall off!!

So all in all, a show not for the faint hearted as it included lots of inuendos which will leave you crying with laughter!!

After seeing the show televised I feel even more lucky and honoured to have been in the audience for such a great programme, even did some crowd spotting ;) Hopefully ITV producers will keep filming these shows, I can't honestly think of a better host for them.

The show will be repeated on ITV1 on Tuesday 17th April at 10:35 PM!! Not to be missed!!


Gemma x

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