Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hello all, Amanda here. Back for my second blog.
It's on Britain's Got More Talent Episode 5.

The first episode of the night saw Edward. There was no mistaking this guys name.
The very formal Edward did talk abit. I think he failed to read the part of the application where it said 'You have two minutes on stage'
After the judges heard his utter life history, He ironically started to sing 'When you say nothing at all'
Maybe our Edward should listen to the lyrics he is singing more.

After the break, BGMT was in Cardiff. Stephen explained that he desperately needed a leek.
A member of the BGMT crew solved that problem for him by handing him the vegetable... Ahh, that's better!

This follows on to my favourite part in this weeks BGMT.
Ant and Dec were off waiting for their Nando's to arrive. Meanwhile.. Stephen, being stephen, see's an opportunity to fill in the places of A&D for awhile.
Seeing the acts onto the stage and interviewing them before hand.
He notices that A&D have left their water bottles unattended.
I guess this is his chance to get them two back for being so rude to him!
He removes the tops off the bottles and licks all around the edges, in and out, round and round....
And off he goes, looking rather pleased with himself.
Will refer back to this later.

Next act; A man in a bag.... A bag from pound land at that.
Before he went on stage, He was giving Mulhern a little demonstration of his act. He climbed into the bag and went to zip it up.
The zip broke. How disappointing.
No worries! He brought a spare! .. Thank heavens above!

On stage he explained to the judges how brilliant he thought he could do in this competition.
He once again climbed into the bag and carefully zipped it up.
He started to sing 'Lonely' By Akon in the bag.
Very very funny! There's no-way anyone could watch it and not giggle to themselves.
Simon's face was just hilarious.
Just as you think you've seen it all!
All judges buzzed him off, which was a shame, as i was just getting into it.

In his interview with Stephen backstage, He explained that the reason he didn't go through was because of the song choice. Everything else in  the act was perfect...

Back to Ant, Dec and the water bottle scenario now.
They have returned from their lunch and are back in their place.
Dec reaches for his water bottle and takes a swig.
Immediately, his face drops. He describes to Ant that it tastes cheesy.
Confused Ant wants to see for himself.
He agree's with Dec. It tastes cheesy and like gone off milk.
Which only makes me wonder, What the hell was Stephen eating before!

David is hiding on the ship at sea. It's pretty impossible, But can you find him on the picture below?

After another break, Stephen lets us lucky viewers in on a truly mind blowing fact; "This year we have four judges instead of three"

BGMT love abit of sexy on the show. So they get the Loveable Rouges from Itv1 earlier, to make a song based on BGMT.
Stephen's dancing........... I have nothing more to say!

Final part in this blog and final act on this weeks show.
Ceasar Lazer.
"Driving down the highway, In my super sonic, Volkswagen beetle"
After two times in trying, He realised that the CD wouldn't work, so Simon told him to sing it without the music.
After about 10 seconds, you can learn all the lyrics for yourself.
The audience and judges got to find the song catchy.
Simon miming to the song was hilarious!

Intill next time..

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