Thursday, 12 April 2012

Britain's Got More Talent 2012 Episode 3

Week 3 and auditions come to Cardiff where we find out ...

Awwh poor Stephen... Producers led him to think he was saying 'Welcome to Britain's got More Talent' in Welsh!!

So lets crack on!!

The show started with Stephen Prank calling David Walliams mum! She answers and he tells her he's just found a phone at the auditions and he's not sure who it belongs too, She tells him it must be her sons ie. David's to which Stephen jokes 'What does he look like?' Her response 'Don't be stupid!!' David then tells his mum it's Stephen Mulhern she's speaking too... And she doesn't know who he is... Shocking :O. Stephen promises to get her a picture of himself so that she'll be able to recognise him in future.
Later in the show he brings the picture to David ... Wearing an 'I am Stephen Mulhern!!' badge!!

 The Talent!!

Jenny Jones - Confidence Queen: She really does know how to boost someones confidence. One of them acts that you can't help but smile at. Stephen tells her he's feeling low in confidence, she gives him some 'confidence boosting glasses' and they sing a song. After her audition and having a good old sniff of Simon Cowell, Stephen asks 'how does he (Stephen) smell??' to which she replies 'Sexier' ... She's got it in one there!! ;)

Fox Bronty (a.k.a Ian) - This fella can paint Ant and Dec on his bum... without a mirror :O He refers to himself as a Giraffe. Feeling a little left out Stephen gets Fox to paint a picture of him on a body part, saying 'I've always been told I look a bit like a monkey!' And from this painting of him, there could be a slight resemblance ;)

Professor Boffin- Imagine having him as your science teacher?? There would never be a dull moment!! A scientist trying to get across the message that Science is fun! Every experiment he did just seemed to go wrong :( He was trying to prove two balls of different sizes, the smaller would bounce higher... however the small ball hit HIM in the balls!! Ouch!! Stephens laugh though was soo cute!!

Sacha the Rapper - The start of his audition was amazeballs, but then it started to go downhill afterwards! But Stephen was on hand to do a rap with him afterwards! Rapping about size 10 feet, you know what they say about big feet... Big socks ;)

Matt Rose- An amazing talent!! He is able to throw items (mostly food) up in the air and catch them in his mouth. The best moment had to be when Stephen stood on a chair for Matt to catch some popcorn ... and he ended up with a face full of popcorn! Hilarious!!

Zipprah- A total legend whose took the world by storm! Have you ever been in that situation where you lost your keys and your mobile?? Well this guy knows all about it!! And Stephen joins in with him, doing impressions of Prince Charles and rapping!! Comedy Gold!!

Interval pub games this week was Air Hockey and did you find David in 'Where's Walliams?' ... But where was Alesha Dixon's 'So So Scandalous'??

So thats your lot, until next time!!

Keep tuning into BGMT on Saturday nights, ITV2 after the main show.

Gemma x

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