Monday, 7 May 2012

Britain's Got More Talent... LIVE

Last night we saw Britain's Got More Talent go LIVE for the first time this series.
The doors opened for Stephen and he walked onto the stage in front of thousands.
Unfortunate for Gemma.. He wore no tie! Maybe tonight or tomorrow Gem!

As we all found out from ITV1 earlier, Ashley & Pudsey and Only Boys Aloud made it through to the Live Finals.
However, a lot of people thought that The Mend should have made it through instead of Only Boys Aloud and that they should be given a wild card to return back to the show.

Stephen went to join the judging panel to have a chat but one of the famous four had disappeared. 
Yes, Simon had toddled off somewhere, so Stephen took his place.
Apparently, Mr Cowel's seat was warm and moist... Nice.

Too see how close it was, Stephen wants to find out how many votes were in it between Only boys aloud and The Mend, which I think is a very good idea.

After the break, We join Stephen in the brand new ITV2 studio. I must say, it looks lovely and it we can see that a lot of effort has gone into making it look so special. So congratulations to all the BGMT team.

Stephen introduces us to his brand new security guard, Lembit Opik. Lembit isn't aloud to speak or move too much!

Waiting for a chat is, Rufus Hound, Michelle Keegan and Louie Spence.
 But before that, Ant and Dec are here! Then they play the interval pub games LIVE in the studio. Which I must admit, is my favourite part in the show.

Stephen spins his 'randomly' selective wheel to find out what they will be playing.
It 'randomly' lands on beer pong! And it's a really good job that at their convenience, there was a beer pong table all set up ready and waiting.
.. Really, what are the chances!

Ant is the overall wan*er... sorry, ranker, but only because Dec is disqualified. Just pure disgrace! Balls are flying here, there and everywhere. There's screaming and shouting. So Stephen disqualified Dec and put a stop to the mayhem! He then tells A&D to never play with his balls again! Well said!
We then travel back in time to witness the goings on of what happened earlier in the day.

After the break, I was pleased to see that David Walliams was present in the studio!
David explains that he gets really nervous. Partly nervous about his little potty mouthproble.
Being live, He doesn't want to develop turrets and say something he didn't mean to. He doesn't want to appear negative to anyone at home.
The conversation moves onto Simon. Apparently, off camera, Simon is a really nice guy and he lets David in on a few dark secrets.

Stephen joins the celebrity panel to talk about the results!

we see who are in tomorrow nights show.

  • Cascade
  • Paige Turley
  • Karizma Krew
  • Graham Blackledge
  • Kai & Natalia
  • Fish On Percussion
  • The Showbears
  • 4 Corners
  • Jonathen & Charlotte.
The celebrity panel are asked who they think will make it through tonight. Rufus and Louie both think that The Showbears will go through. Michelle thinks that Jonathen & Charlotte will make it through to the Final.
We shall see..

After Another break, The two finalists are in the studio; Ashley & Pudsey and Only Boys aloud. They both answer a few phone calls with people on the line asking them burning questions!

That's all folks.
Can't wait for all the shows ahead.


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