Thursday, 10 May 2012

BGMT Live 2012 - Show 4

Well 4th show in and what a show it was!!

Stephen appeared looking lovely as always and wearing a very sexy red tie... I think a purple one would have been sexier though ;)

Most the finalists had to leave the stage due to legal reasons of age, being to young to be live on TV so late at night. So the eldest of Nu Skool stayed behind as well as Sam Kelly who won the public vote. After being put through to the final, Stephen asks both to describe how they're feeling using the medium of sound...

Sam Kelly takes inspiration from Jonathan and Charlotte, the previous nights winners and gives us an operatic note, Nicely done!!

And the lad from Nu Skool hasn't got a clue and does some sort of funny grunt!! Bless him!!

Then a chat to the judges, where once again Simon Cowell does a disappearing act, How rude!! The judges tell us how difficult it is to make a choice between the bottom 2 acts, especially when they are children, before taking calls from people at home. We also get to see the most exciting and extraordinary bit of the show, that's right, it's 'Mulherns Moment' ... not over exaggerated in any way whatsoever, and tonights one was the Magicians. When Amanda asks Stephen how the trick was done, Stephen responds 'It was done very well!' And how could part 1 end without a joke from Gatis Kandis??

In the More talent studio is houseband, The Jersey boys from the West end Musical. Security, Pat Sharpe, former host of Funhouse and the celebrity panel, Laura Whitmore, Duncan James and Mollie King, who Stephen keeps referring to as 'My Mollie'. Here they discuss the nights acts, Laura and Duncan would have preferred Malaki to have gone through and they say Gatis is like Marmite, you either love him or hate him.

David then comes into the studio to speak to Stephen where Stephen asks him questions from his fans on twitter, whilst messages from Got talent fans appeared along the bottom of the screen, where mine and Lisa's tweets appear, doing team mullers proud and spreading the Mullers love <3

Gemma's tweet- Think there should be a magic off between @StephenMulhern and the magicians on #BGMT that would be amazing! x

Lisa's tweet - Loving #BGMT this year, @StephenMulhern just gets better, funnier and more gorgeous x

After this we then go back to the celeb panel to discuss the next nights acts which include Ryan 'O' Shaugnessy who very nearly never got through due to being contracted to another show based in Ireland, Callum Oakley, Billy George, Aquabatique, Strictly Wheels, Face Team, Hope Murphy, Martyn Crofts and Lazor Harp.

After hearing the celeb panels opinions, its time for Interval pub games, which you know the score now, is randomy selected by a random selection wheel... not fixed in any way whatsoever, even though there is a giant beerpong table set up... a near heart stopping moment for Stephen when the random selection arrow gets stuck here ...

Laura and Mollie go head to head to see who will be top ranker, Ant still being top of the leader board. Laura decides to use a new technique by throwing about 15 balls at once... and still doesn't manage to score a point, making Mollie Top ranker for the night!!

The show ends with a chat with both finalists, Sam Kelly and Nu skool, where they take calls from the fans. We are sung out by the Jersey boys and Stephen gets to dance with Mollie!! What a lucky girl she is!!

How cute is his little face??

So that's your lot for now, until tonights shows blog is done by our very own Lisa!!

Gemma x

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