Sunday, 6 May 2012

Britains Got More Talent Episode 7 - The Deliberation results!!

This weeks show saw the judges put through 45 acts to the live semi finals which start tonight at 8PM.

Britain's got More Talent was then on hand to get to know the finalists a little better by doing interviews with them. However, because 45 interviews would be to many to get through, a fair random selection method was needed, and what better way to do this than zorbing. Zorbing, Stephen explains is where someone gets inside a plastic ball and is rolled down a hill. In this case the person inside the ball is none other than the lovely Stephen!! He looked well impressed by the chosen method, bless him!!!

It's the funniest thing I've ever seen... I know I shouldn't laugh, but I did!! He was joined in the ball by numbered balls which he'd have to catch whilst rolling down the hill and that would be the contestant he'd interview.

This next section WILL contain spoilers if you haven't yet watched the show, as semi finalists WILL be revealed here!!

The Interviews

The interviews took place in a room, that looked to have the most uncomfiest chairs ever and are served tea, cakes and sandwiches by Stephen!!

The Loveable Rogues - The boyband who make their own original music, here we discover all band members are single... Form an orderly queue ladies!! The type of questions they are asked are decided by the spin of the wheel, which is wheeled in by Louis who's dressed in a black waistcoat and bowtie!! The wheel lands on 'The Arts'.

Ashley Elliott - The xylophone player, who can also play other instraments too, and could potentially be the 6th member of One Direction according to David Walliams. The wheel this time lands on Showbiz where Ashley does an impression of Stephen... Nice!!

Zipparah Tafari - He's still not found his keys and phone?? Can someone help the poor fella out?? When asked what his next plan is for the Live shows he reveals he may write a song about nationality and the olympics... Why not??

Gatis Kandis - ITV2 love him, he auditioned in 2011 but failed to get through as a rapper, however he has come back as a comedian this year and was put through because Simon thought that he was so bad that he was brilliant!! Instead of Stephen offering him tea and sandwiches in this interview, it's Gatis that offers them Stephen.

Graham Blackledge - The Organ player, I love this guy, he's soo cute!! In his audition Simon said he is like 'Sausage and vanilla ice cream, they don't mix' In this interview we have a flashback to the auditions where sausage and vanilla were tried... Yum!!

Ashleigh and Pudsey - The best dancing dog act ever. Pudsey didn't seem to like Louis very much as every time Louis entered the room, Pudsey would start barking at him.

Jonathan and Charlotte - When Stephen asked how the tea was that he'd served, Charlotte told him she'd tasted better :O.

Only Boys Aloud - The 130 piece band, and what better way to make sure everyone was there than by doing a register... Yes Sir Stephen!! This may take a while!!

The zimmers - Grandparents with attitude, gotta love them. They've been told by Simon to be even more feistier in the Live shows, and were asked by Stephen who would be the one to get most wasted?? Lil rebels I tell ya!!

The Final Interval pub games was also played to find who is this years top ranker!! The game played was Ant's much awaited Darts and the winner was presented with the best grand prize ever, which of course was Stephen's brand new magic set!! YAY!!

All judges and Ant and Dec were to make their predictions for who they think would be the winner and to seal it in a signed golden envelope to be revealed on the Final. This time Stephen also makes a prediction, his first throughout all the series of Britain's got Talent.

And Finally, Live shows start tonight at 8PM, and was it just me that noticed Stephen's purple tie make an appearance at the end of the show?? It probably was.

And now because the Live shows are here, it now means we can play my favourite game ever 'Guess what colour tie Stephen will wear??' You can join in by tweeting your answers to us @team_mullers.

Gemma x

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