Wednesday, 21 March 2012

3 days to go ...

... Until Britain's Got Talent returns to our screens!! Are you all excited??

And with it, means Britain's got More talent with the gorgeous Mr Mulhern returns.

The main show will be on ITV1 at 8PM on Saturday the 24th March, followed by More talent on ITV2 at 9:20PM so make sure you all tune in to both programmes.

Stephen can also be found in New and Star magazines, two lovely interviews with him, discussing this years BGT, and some lovely pictures too, I'd definately recommend them :)

Gemma x

1 comment:

  1. The clips I saw so far an The A. T show BGMT looks like it going to be the better than the others shows he done over the years. Also I am glad stephen mulhern still enjoys doing the show with he chatting about it on tv and in magazines. Also with David Wailliams on the panel it will make Stephen up is game.

    So I hope it is a success and maybe gain a reward or two by the end of the year.